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379. The remains of meat-eating dinosaurs have be found in Antarctica.

ubah be jadi been

380. Bees are find all over the world, except in Antarctica.

ubah find jadi found

381. The fruit of the avocado tree can grew up to nine inches in diameter.

ubah grew jadi grow

382. The U.S. Government has not prints bills larger than $100 since 1969.

ubah prints jadi printed

383. In early basketball games, peach baskets were use as hoops.

ubah use jadi used

384. The boiling point will changes with changes in air pressure.

ubah changes jadi change

385. By the end of the Cretaceous Period, all dinosaurs had dying out.

ubah dying jadi died

386. A young cow, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, or whale is calls calf.

ubah calls jadi called

387. A bat must hung upside down in order to rest or sleep.

ubah hung jadi hang

388. The popular board games chess, checkers, and backgammon have all exist for many centuries.

ubah exist jadi existed

389. Like the Earth, the Moon was bombards with meteorites during its first billion years.

ubah bombards jadi bombarded

390. A newborn baby might sleeping as much as 16 hours a day in intermittent periods.

ubah sleeping jadi sleep

391. Topaz has being identified in yellow, blue, green, violet, pink, and colorless varieties.

ubah being jadi been

392. The Red Spot on Jupiter is a giant spiral storm that has been rage for more than 300 years.

ubah rage jadi raging

393. In medieval times, the superior office of a soldier who had been cowardly or disloyal would broke the sword of the soldier.

ubah broke jadi break

394. The house sparrow was introduced into North America in the early 1850s, and within a century it had spreads across the continent.

ubah spreads jadi spread

395. In Texas in the 1830s, thousands of Longhorn cattle were ran wild on the plains.

ubah ran jadi running

396. A wave may struck the shore with a force equal to the pressure of 6,000 pounds per square foot.

ubah struck jadi strike

397. Silk fibers produced by spiders are very fine and have proves impractical for use in textiles.

ubah proves jadi proven

398. Our solar system is actually moves through space toward the constellation of Hercules at about 12 miles per second.

ubah moves jadi moving


359. Cats hunt not only by night but also daily.

ubah daily jadi by day

360. Adobe is used throughout the Southwest to make ovens and bricked.

ubah bricked jadi bricks

361. Both circular or longitudinal muscles occur in the walls of the throat.

ubah or jadi and

362. A sixteenth-century navigator used an astrolabe to calculate a ship’s distance to the north or southern of the equator.

ubah southern jadi the south

363. A fir tree requires neither warm weather or lengthy hours of sunlight to survive.

ubah or jadi nor

364. The skin protects the human body from infectious, injury, and harmful sunlight.

ubah infectious jadi infection

365. A light-year is a measurement of both time and distant.

ubah distant jadi distance

366. The first tanks were powered by largely but inefficient internal combustion engines.

ubah largely jadi large

367. Watercress is a water plant whose shoots either take root in mud or to trail in water.

ubah to trail jadi trail

368. St. Bernards are prized for their keen noses, sure-footed, and unerring sense of smell.

ubah jadi sure-footedness

369. Many of the great mountain ranges of the world are neither dead nor die.

ubah jadi dying

370. The aardvark has a peculiar appearance because of its large bodilypointy snout, large ears, and strong legs.

ubah bodily jadi body

371. Tigers differ from lions neither in the color of their coats but also in their lack of manes.

ubah neither jadi not only

372. In ancient times, the Milky Way was seen as a road, river, or bridged along which the spirits of the dead departed the Earth.

ubah bridged jadi bridge

373. Seaweed not only helps to oxygenate water and keep it pure but also providing food for small fish.

ubah providing jadi provides

374. Bronzes with ten percent or more tin are harder, more strongly, and more resistant to corrosion than brass.

ubah more strongly jadi stronger

375. The grizzly bear is set apart from other bears not only by its light-colored, shaggy coat but also it has a high shoulder hump.

ubah it has a jadi by its

376. A plant that stops growing and looks dead in the fall but to come back year after year is a perennial.

ubah to come jadi coming

377. Many parts of Alaska are neither completely barren nor perpetual cold.

ubah perpetual jadi perpetually

378. At one time, the Sahara Desert had the climate of a moist temperature or subtropical region.

ubah temperature jadi temperate


339. The largest of all the herd animals are the musk ox.

ubah are jadi is

340. All of the hoofed mammals walks on the tips of their toes.

ubah walks jadi walk

341. No one are quite sure how the electricity that causes lightning builds up.

ubah are jadi is

342. Like desert plants, the plants of the tundra has to be equipped for life in a harsh climate.

ubah has jadi have

343. None of the other continents touches Antarctica.

ubah touches jadi touch

344. Anybody suffering from a slipped disk have weakened cartilage in the spine.

ubah have jadi has

345. The smaller wheel in a pair of gear wheels turn more quickly than the larger one.

ubah turn jadi turns

346. Most of the members of the cat family is not good swimmers, but tigers are.

ubah is jadi are

347. Nothing living on the earth are capable of outrunning a cheetah.

ubah are jadi is

348. Some older expressions in English is wink-a-peeps for eyes and flesh-spades for fingernails.

ubah is jadi are

349. More than half of the potatoes grown in the United States comes from Idaho.

ubah comes jadi come

350. Every joint in the human body are surrounded by a fibrous capsule lined with membrane.

ubah are jadi is

351. The dense structure of diamonds are a result of its crystallization under great pressure.

ubah are jadi is

352. Part of the Sahara desert are a series of plateaus averaging 1,000 feet in altitude.

ubah are jadi is

353. Most pulsars are so faint that nobody are able to see them without a very powerful telescope.

ubah are jadi is

354. Nerves in the spinal cord carries signals back and forth between the brain and the rest of the body.

ubah carries jadi carry

355. Most of the world’s great mountain ranges has been created by the folding of the earth’s crust.

ubah has jadi have

356. Someone standing on the peak of Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, are on one of the windiest spots on earth.

ubah are jadi is

357. A storm with circulating wind speeds of 73 mph or more are called a hurricane in the Atlantic, a typhoon in the western Pacific, and a cyclone in the Indian ocean.

ubah are jadi is

358. Some of President Gerald Ford’s earlier jobs was as a park ranger at Yellowstone and as a model for sports clothes in Life magazine.

ubah was jadi were


319. An acre originally represented the area that a yoke of oxen _____ in a single day.
a. a plow
b. to plow
c. plowing
d. could plow

320. _____ the chemicals that make water hard.
a. For carbonites to be
b. Carbonites are
c. Carbonites
d. In carbonites

321. _____ that we see is made up of all the colors of the spectrum.
a. In the light
b. The light
c. It lights
d. Because the light

322. Only beryl _____ deep green in color can be called emerald.
a. that is
b. is
c. it is
d. that

323. Unlike paints, _____ into the material that they color.
a. dyes dispersing
b. the dispersion of dyes
c. dyes are dispersed
d. to disperse dyes

324. A baseball _____ a cork and rubber core that is tightly wrapped with yarn.
a. which has
b. having
c. it has
d. has

325. The muscle that the fiddler crab uses to pull its pincer shut _____.
a. with extreme strength
b. must be extremely strong
c. it must be extremely strong
d. extreme strength

326. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which _____, was proclaimed on December 18, 1865.
a. abolishing slavery
b. slavery to abolish
c. the abolition of slavery
d. abolished slavery

327. President Herbert Hoover, for whom _____, was educated as an engineer.
a. Hoover Dam’s name
b. the name of Hoover Dam
c. Hoover Dam was named
d. naming Hoover Dam

328. _____, which formed in the crater of an extinct volcano, is the deepest lake in the United States.
a. In Crater Lake
b. Crater Lake is a lake
c. Crater Lake
d. The lake has a crater

329. _____ in which most carnivorous plants live do not provide the plants with enough nourishment.
a. The poor soils
b. Within the poor soils
c. The soils are poor
d. The poor soils are

330. Most tundra plants are mosses and lichens _____ the ground for warmth.
a. that hug
b. hug
c. they hug
d. that a hug

331. In 1705, Edmond Halley, for whom Halley’s Comet is named, _____ the 1758 return of the comet.
a. accurate prediction
b. prediction with accuracy
c. he predicted accurately
d. accurately predicted

332. George Washington’s _____ on the balcony of the Federal Hall in New York City, which was then the national capital.
a. the place of the inauguration
b. inauguration took place
c. was inaugurated in a place
d. took the place of an inauguration

333. _____ of serving lemon with fish derived from the belief that the acid in lemon juice would dissolve fish bones.
a. The custom
b. Because it is customary
c. It is customary
d. The custom is

334. Pandas have a thumb-like sixth finger _____ really an extension of the wrist bone.
a. is
b. it is
c. which
d. which is

335. Hawks have excellent eyesight that they _____ even tiny prey on the ground from high in the air.
a. using to spot
b. to spot a use
c. use to spot
d. a use on spots

336. Keno, an early form of bingo, _____ of chance which dates from the early nineteenth century.
a. it is a game
b. which is a game
c. is a game
d. a game

337. The first reigning king for whom the U.S. _____ an official reception was David Kalakaua, king of the Sandwich Islands.
a. government’s hold
b. government held
c. the hold of the government
d. holding the government

338. The people who _____ in North America during colonial times commonly ate cornmeal mush or boiled rice for breakfast.
a. settled
b. settling
c. to settle
d. the settlement


299. Fossils demonstrate _____ from land-dwelling arthropods.
a. insects developed
b. how insects developed
c. how the development of insects
d. the development of insects

300. A course syllabus _____ what is expected in a course.
a. with clear delineation
b. to delineate clearly
c. should clearly delineate
d. clearly delineating

301. In the eighteenth century, _____ that the paths of cannonballs were parabolas.
a. the proof of Galileo
b. proven by Galileo
c. Galileo who proved
d. Galileo proved

302. Artificial diamonds are _____ results from the application of great heat and pressure to carbon.
a. what
b. it
c. what it
d. what is

303. Due to a lack of color vision, dogs cannot tell if _____ vibrantly colored or gray.
a. is something
b. something
c. is
d. something is

304. The speedometer of an automobile _____ what the rpm of the driveshaft is.
a. measuring
b. it measures
c. which measures
d. measures

305. The prosecutor and defense together _____ who will serve on a jury.
a. deciding
b. the decision
c. decide
d. they decide

306. No one knows exactly when the game of backgammon _____.
a. the first to play
b. was first played
c. it was first played
d. which was first played

307. Volcanic eruptions vary according to _____ of various types of magma is produced.
a. them
b. it
c. which
d. him

308. Bobolinks take great care to hide _____ are built.
a. where their nests
b. their nests
c. where are their nests
d. in their nests

309. The thick atmosphere of Venus _____ what holds heat in and creates such high temperatures.
a. it is
b. is
c. which is
d. is it

310. _____ of sound depends on whether air molecules are vibrating slowly or quickly.
a. It has a volume
b. Above the volume
c. The volume
d. The volume is

311. A buildup of certain gases in the atmosphere explains why _____ increasing.
a. the earth’s temperature is
b. the earth’s temperature
c. is the earth’s temperature
d. if the earth’s temperature is

312. _____ a large role in determining which of the space shuttle’s landing areas will be used for a given flight.
a. The play of weather
b. Weather playing
c. Weather plays
d. For weather to play

313. Earthworms determine _____ is dry enough before they venture out of the soil.
a. the ground
b. if the ground
c. under the ground
d. if the ground feels

314. Archeological sites in the Kobuk Valley in Alaska indicate that humans _____ there for over 10,000 years.
a. have lived
b. living
c. the life
d. they have lived

315. The specific heat of an element _____ to what is needed to change the temperature of a unit of the element by one degree.
a. in reference
b. refers
c. referring
d. it refers

316. Mandrake and poppy extracts _____ the Romans used for pain relief following surgery.
a. were
b. what
c. were what
d. were what did

317. Mercury’s virtual lack of atmosphere explains why such a large variation in temperature between day and night _____.
a. occurring
b. it occurs
c. which occurs
d. occurs

318. Alfred Nobel’s 1896 _____ precisely who would serve as judges for the awarding of Nobel Prizes.
a. the outline
b. outlined
c. outlining the will
d. will outlined


279. _______ not as bright as Venus, but it shines all night long.
a. Jupiter
b. Jupiter is
c. Jupiter being
d. On Jupiter

280. _______ when light is blocked.
a. Shadows form
b. The form of shadows
c. Shadows forming
d. Within the form of shadows

281. Alexander Graham Bell _______ deaf pupils in Boston in 1871, and he started work on the telephone three years later.
a. he began teaching
b. a beginning teacher
c. teaching beginning
d. began teaching

282. _______ have long life spans, many trees do not.
a. Some trees
b. Some are trees
c. Though some trees
d. Though some are trees

283. Gold can be found loose in nuggets, _______ can be trapped within veins of rock.
a. or it
b. it
c. its
d. or its

284. Eaglets are tended _____ they are 12 weeks old.
a. by both parents until
b. by both parents
c. both parents are
d. both parents

285. Bamboo is generally a tropical plant, but _____ in temperate zones.
a. can also be grown
b. also able to grow
c. it can also be grown
d. its ability to grow

286. While birds and mammals are warm-blooded, _____.
a. cold-blooded reptiles
b. reptiles are cold-blooded
c. but reptiles are cold-blooded
d. and cold-blooded reptiles

287. The retina is curved, so the image formed on the retina _____.
a. also curving
b. the additional curve
c. is also curved
d. it is also curved

288. Because Mars _____ on its axis, it has seasons like the Earth’s.
a. also tilting
b. the tilt of
c. with its tilt
d. is also tilted

289. Arteries carry blood away from the heart, _____ carry blood toward the heart.
a. veins
b. in veins
c. and veins
d. through veins

290. Although the silkworm is called a worm, _____ a caterpillar rather than worm.
a. really
b. it is really
c. is really
d. but it really is

291. _____ be composed of stone, or they may consist of an alloy of nickel and iron.
a. Meteorites may
b. Meteorites
c. In meteorites
d. For meteorites to

292. _____ can be exploded by a sound wave if the frequency of the sound wave matches the natural frequency of the glass.
a. Because a wineglass
b. The glass is for wine
c. In the glass for wine
d. A wineglass

293. Pasteurization of milk destroys any tuberculosis bacteria, _____ may remain.
a. other bacteria
b. but other bacteria
c. but in other bacteria
d. but other bacteria have

294. Jesse James once refused to rob a bank in McKenney, Texas, _____ was located in that town.
a. his favorite restaurant
b. at his favorite restaurant
c. because the restaurant was his favorite
d. since his favorite restaurant

295. The cells for other colors have not yet developed, so _____ are blue-eyed.
a. the babies are new born
b. most newborn babies
c. in most newborn babies
d. have most newborn babies

296. _____ off the ionosphere layer of the atmosphere as some radio signals are.
a. No bouncing microwave signals
b. Not to bounce microwave signals
c. Microwave signals are not bounced
d. Microwave signals not bouncing

297. A stork _____ developed larynx, or vocal organ, so it has no voice.
a. lacks a fully
b. fully lacking
c. the full lack
d. a full lack of

298. Siamese cats first appeared in Britain after the King of Siam _____ to the English consul general to take back to London.
a. presenting two cats
b. two cats were presented
c. the presentation of two cats
d. presented two cats


259. Air blowing over a fairly warm sea _____ with moisture.
a. the quick saturation
b. quickly becomes saturated
c. it becomes saturated quickly
d. to saturate it quickly

butuh main verb tunggal untuk subjek uncountable (air), maka ambil opsi B, yang mengandung becomes.
opsi C. juga mengandung becomes tapi tak bisa diambil karena ada it yang tak diperlukan.

260. A church built in the Gothic style _____ pointed arches.
a. often has
b. often having
c. to have often
d. it often has

butuh main verb tunggal, jadi ambil (has) pada opsi A.

261. The rings _____ are made of billions of chunks of ice.
a. they circle Saturn
b. are circling Saturn
c. circle Saturn
d. circling Saturn

262. The largest volcano _____ in the solar system is Olympus Mons, on Mars.
a. found
b. it is found
c. is found
d. finds

263. _____ is the scientific definition of work.
a. A force moves an object
b. For the moving force of an object
c. A force moving an object
d. A force is moving an object

264. _____ as money were certain kinds of cowries.
a. The shells were most widely used
b. Because of the wide use of shells
c. The shells most widely used
d. They used shells widely

265. A primitive, undersea animal resembling a garden cucumber _____.
a. a sea cucumber is called
b. is called a sea cucumber
c. to call a sea cucumber
d. calling a sea cucumber

266. Sails made of cloth tied onto timber supports _____ power early windmills.
a. were used to
b. the use of
c. using
d. they used

267. A single _____ through a magnetic field flies in a spiral path.
a. moves an electron
b. electron is moving
c. electron moving
d. electron moves

268. Immunity _____ from disease or from vaccination is called active immunity.
a. is acquired
b. acquired
c. it is acquired
d. acquires

269. The bony sword _____ the upper jaw of a swordfish makes up about one-third of its length.
a. extending from
b. it extends from
c. extends from
d. is extending from

270. _____ to the U.S. Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Conner, in 1981.
a. The woman had been appointed first
b. For the appointment of the first woman
c. The first woman appointed
d. The first woman was appointed

271. Energy coming from the hot, molten rock inside the earth _____.
a. geothermal energy
b. the energy is geothermal
c. to be geothermal energy
d. is geothermal energy

272. The Mariana Trench, located within the Pacific Ocean, _____ on Earth.
a. on the lowest point
b. is the lowest point
c. to lower the point
d. the point is lowest

273. _____ from the sleep disorder narcolepsy is seized with sudden and irresistible attacks of sleep.
a. For a person to suffer
b. A person suffers
c. A person is suffering
d. A person suffering

274. The white grains _____ tapioca pudding come from the roots of the cassava.
a. are used in
b. their use in
c. used in
d. they are used in

275. A typical mountain _____ in the tropical regions has four to five different weather zones.
a. is rising up
b. it rises up
c. rises up
d. rising up

276. The 880 to 1,000 _____ in Africa today can be grouped into four families with common origins.
a. languages are spoken
b. speak the languages
c. they speak the languages
d. languages spoken

277. Rain, wind, and streams working through old limestone _____ in Utah’s Bryce Canyon.
a. produced the rock spires
b. producing the rock spires
c. the production of rock spires
d. rock spires were produced

278. A boy’s suit supplemented with an extra pair of pants and a cap _____ from the Montgomery Ward catalog for $2.25 in 1895.
a. the purchase was available
b. available for purchase
c. was available for purchase
d. the available purchase


239. The skin _____ body’s heaviest organ.
a. of the human
b. of humanity
c. on a human’s
d. is the human

240. _____ of the space shuttle Columbia began on April 12, 1981.
a. The flight was first
b. The first flight
c. For the first flight
d. On the first flight to be

241. _____ has more than 650 muscles.
a. The human body
b. The body is human
c. For the human body
d. In the body of a human

242. The ancestors of _____ lived on land.
a. once whales and dolphins were
b. whales and dolphins once
c. whales and dolphins were once
d. from whales and dolphins once

243. _____ life on Earth for three billion years.
a. Algae dominated
b. The domination of algae
c. Dominant algae
d. Algae dominating

244. _____ for Coca-Cola is in a safe-deposit vault at the Trust Company of Georgia.
a. The recipe was secret
b. The secret recipe was
c. In the secret recipe
d. The secret recipe

245. The sunflower will _____ from east to west to follow the sun.
a. its head turns
b. turn its head
c. the turn of its head
d. its head turning

246. The chief _____ atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen.
a. gases were in the
b. gases in the
c. gases were the
d. were gases in the

247. _____ from the University of South Alabama in 1994, at the age of 10.
a. Michael Kearney’s graduation
b. The graduation of Michael Kearney
c. Graduate Michael Kearney
d. Michael Kearney graduated

248. The largest bone in _____ the thigh bone, or femur.
a. the human body
b. it the human body
c. the human body is
d. the human body to be

249. Steven Spielberg _____ at the age of 13 for a 40-minute war film.
a. won a contest
b. a winning contestant
c. the contest was won
d. a winner of the contest

250. _____ out of four million Irish at the time of the 1840s potato famine came to the United States.
a. One million were
b. For one million to be
c. One million
d. For one million

251. _____ has the lowest freezing point of any metal.
a. Mercury is the one
b. On Mercury
c. It is Mercury
d. Mercury

252. The length of _____ by the earth’s rotation on its axis.
a. is fixed daily
b. a day to be fixed
c. a day is fixed
d. a daily fixation

253. Approximately two and a half million _____ living in colonial America by the middle of the eighteenth century.
a. people
b. people were
c. people inhabited
d. in people were

254. _____ in the world, with over 4,300 hours of sunshine per year, is the eastern Sahara.
a. The place is sunny
b. Of the sunniest places
c. The sunniest place
d. Sunny places are

255. _____ the result of thermonuclear fusion reactions deep within the sun.
a. Solar energy
b. The energy of the sun
c. In solar energy is
d. Solar energy is

256. The oldest known _____ existence were made on a clay tablet in Babylon in about 3000 B.C.
a. maps in
b. maps
c. maps were in
d. in maps were

257. Aerospace telemetry _____ the 1930s with the development of the balloon-borne radiosonde.
a. a date in
b. dating
c. dates from
d. the date of

258. ____ of mapped passages in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky make it the world’s longest known cave network.
a. The 300-mile length
b. It is 300 miles long
c. The 300-mile length is
d. Because of the 300-mile length


231. In a copperhead snake, the venom flows from a single venom glands to a pair of hollow teeth.

ubah glands menjadi gland. karena ada artikel a

232. A hawk swallows its food in large pieces, digests some of it, and regurgitating the rest.

ubah regurgitating menjadi regurgitates agar paralel

233. Defects occur when liquid helium undergoing a phase transition from its normal to its superfluid phase.

ubah undergoing menjadi undergoes / is undergoing

234. The earliest known artworks were done by cavemen which used a mixture of clay, chalk, and burned wood and bones.

ubah done menjadi made

235. Variations in melody, rhythm, and tone of voice becomes a major feature of child speech toward the end of the first year.

ubah becomes menjadi become, karena subjek jamak (variations)

236. As a protective protein molecule, an antibody can combines with a foreign virus protein.

ubah combines menjadi be combined / combine

237. The water moccasin is a high venomous and extremely dangerous pit viper.

ubah high menjadi highly

238. Though aluminum is more common than iron, it is extremely difficult to break their hold on other atoms.

ubah their menjadi its


221. Princeton University, was founded in 1746, is one of the oldest universities in the United States.

Buang was karena tidak butuh main verb pada klausa apositif.

222. According to a World Resources Institute report, a significant part of forest acreage disappear each year.

disappear mestinya disappears

223. The Earth’s crust is composed of fifteen plates which float on the partially molten layer below they.

they mestinya them

224. As one climbs high up a mountain, the air becomes both colder or thinner.

or mestinya and

225. When a bone is broke into several pieces, doctors may pin the pieces together for proper healing

broke mestinya broken

226. The long necks of much plant-eating dinosaurs were useful for reaching up to the treetops to feed.

much mestinya many

227. Hippocrates believed that health depended on the balanced of the four fluids of the body: blood, phlegm, bile, and black bile.

balanced mestinya balance

228. A jet stream is a flat and narrow tube of air that moves more rapid than the surrounding air.

rapid mestinya rapidly

229. Because mistletoe berries are poisonous, everyone with Christmas decorations containing mistletoe need to be aware of the potential danger.

need mestinya needs, karena subjeknya everyone

230. When Pierre L’Enfant designed the national capital in 1791, her envisioned a broad boulevard linking the White House and the Capitol.

her mestinya he

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