Woman: Let’s go into the penguin house.
Man: Great! I read that they’ve added a couple of emperor penguins from Antarctica.
Woman: I was hoping to stay in the warmer section. You know, they have some penguins here from Galapagos islands and that’s practically on the equator.
Man: But the emperor penguin’s huge! It’s a lot bigger than the Galapagos penguin in fact, it’s bigger than all the other penguins almost four feet high.
Woman: Imagine a bird that size flying through the air.
Man: Penguins don’t actually fly.
Woman: I know that. They just short of waddle.
Man: They swim, too. Even though they’re feathered, their wings are more flipper, they work like paddles in the water.
Woman: I thought they were land animals.
Man: They lay their eggs on land. They make their nests in these enormous colonies called rookies. See, the emperor penguin has this interesting nesting habit. The female bird leaves the ocean at the beginning of autumn. She lays an egg on the ice and then immediately returns to the water.
Woman: What happen to the egg?
Man: The male rolls it onto his feet and then covers it with the lower part of his belly.
Woman: Then what?
Man: For two whole months, during the worst part of the winter, he huddles together with other male penguins to keep the eggs warm.
Woman: SO the female brings him food?
Man: No. See, the penguin can fast for up to four months. The female comes back after the chick hatches. When she does, the male goes out to the sea to get food for himself and chick.
31. Why does the man want to visit the penguin house?
32. What is unique about the emperor penguin?
33. What does the man say about the wings of the penguin?
34. What does the male emperor penguin do after the female lays an egg?
Woman: Mark really needs to see this article in Psychology Weekly.
Man: Why? What’s it on?
Woman: Reasons for negative behavior patterns like procrastination, habitual lateness.
Man: You’re right. That’s Mark. He’s never on time. So what does it say?
Woman: That people who are always late often do it for a reason either conscious or unconscious. It could be an expression of anger and resentment or a way of resisting authority. It could even be anxiety.
Man: Well, I don’t know. In Mark’s case, I think it’s because he wants to be noticed.
Woman: That’s the next reason in this article, the need for attention. They give the example of movie stars who used make these grad entrances.
Man: That’s not really Mark’s style though, he’s so quite.
Woman: What gets me is that he’s late for his friends all the time but not for other things, like work.
Man: Well, but they might deduct pay for that.
Woman: Exactly. You know, sometimes I’m attempted to tell him to come at, say, seven, and everybody else at 7:15. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to wait so long.
Man: We have to try something. You know, he confessed to me one day that he was even late for his sister’s wedding. She was really angry.
Woman: I remember that. He was in the wedding so they couldn’t start until he got there.
Man: Maybe you should slip that magazine under his door anonymously and hope he gets the message.
35. What is the main subject of the magazine article?
36. What do Mark’s friends thinks is the reason for his problem?
37. What do the speakers say about Mark’s recent behavior?
38. What solution does the woman consider?