Man: I can’t believe you stayed so calm last weekend when my mom brought my little brother to visit. He practically wrecked the dorm lounge!
Woman: Don’t be so hard on him. He’s only four.
Narrator: What does the woman imply?
Woman: When’s a good time to get together to discuss our history project?
Man: Other than this Wednesday, one day’s as good as the next.
Narrator: What does the man mean?
Man: Congratulations! I heard your field hockey team is going to mid-Atlantic championships!
Woman: Yeah! Now we’re all working hard to get ready for our game tomorrow.
Narrator: What will the woman probably do this afternoon?
Man: On Saturday evenings, I usually meet some friends for dinner at a cafe near campus. Would you like to join us?
Woman: I’m up to my ears in work, so I’ll have to take a rain check.
Narrator: What does the woman mean?
Woman: If you rub some soap on that drawer, it might stop sticking.
Man: Well, maybe, but if I took out the paper that has fallen down in back, that would help for sure.
Narrator: What is the problem?