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576. Plants absorb energy from the sun and convert absorbed energy to chemically energy for storage.

ubah chemically jadi chemical

577. _____ have an extremely realistic tone, but others represent a world of fantasy.
a. Some of Washington Irving’s tales
b. Washington Irving wrote some tales
c. Washington Irving’s tales are some
d. In some of Washington Irving’s tales

578. Some of the most commonly used natural fibers for thread making is cotton, silk, flax, and wool.

ubah is jadi are

579. _____, which takes place the first Monday in September, honors the workers of the United States.
a. Labor Day
b. Labor Day is a day
c. The day is Labor Day
d. On Labor Day

580. Birds with teeth were prevalently from about 150 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

ubah prevalently jadi prevalent

581. Icebergs are broken off from ice sheets or glacial, so they are composed of fresh water rather than salt water.

ubah glacial jadi glaciers

582. _____ of gold in the Klondike in 1896 led to a disagreement between the United States and Canada over the boundary between Alaska and Canada.
a. It was discovered
b. The discovery was
c. In a discovery
d. The discovery

583. Anthracite has a glossy surface with few of the layering seen in other coal.

ubah few jadi little

584. _____ in the United States came to New York City from Cuba in 1804.
a. The bananas were first sold
b. The first bananas sold
c. They sold the first bananas
d. For the first bananas sold

585. One of George Washington’s many pairs of false teeth were made of lead.

ubah were jadi was

586. The northern polar cap is shrink little by little each year.

ubah shrink jadi shrinking

587. _____ connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.
a. In the Achilles tendon
b. The Achilles tendon is
c. The Achilles tendon
d. The Achilles tendon on

588. A squid propels themselves through water using jet propulsion.

ubah themselves jadi itself

589. The gravity is so intense in a black hole that no light can to escape.

ubah to escape jadi escape

590. _____ in the nucleus of an atom has a positive electric charge.
a. Each proton
b. Each proton is
c. For each proton
d. Each is a proton

591. The bow and arrow have been in continuous use since them were first developed in the Paleolithic era.

ubah them jadi they

592. Although 30,000 types of plants are edible, 90 percent of the world’s food _____ from only 20 species.
a. comes
b. it comes
c. coming
d. to come

593. When light passes from one transparent material into another, it’s speed changes.

ubah it’s jadi its

594. About 12 teaspoons of sugar are found in the root of every sugar beets.

ubah sugar beets jadi sugar beet

595. Canadians _____ from the captured French colony of Acadia settled in Louisiana.
a. driven by the British
b. the British drove them
c. were driven by the British
d. drove the British

596. The cabochon method of gem cutting was used for all types of gems until the fourteenth century, when faceted cutting became popularly.

ubah popularly jadi popular

597. On January 28, 1887, giant snowflakes _____ 15 inches across fell in Montana.
a. measured
b. they measured
c. that measured
d. that the measurement

598. By the 1860s, physiologists had discover that the red cells in blood are packed with a protein called hemoglobin.

ubah discover jadi discovered

599. Arid soil has few plant life to hold the soil in place.

ubah few jadi little

600. _____ much of the head and body of a gorilla are long and thick.
a. The hairs covering
b. The hairs cover
c. Cover the hairs
d. The hairs are covering


553. When it is drilled into a piece of wood, a screw must rotates several times in order to move forward a short distance.

ubah rotates jadi rotate

554. All of the various types of tuna, including bluefin, is migratory and travel in large schools.

ubah is jadi are

555. Substances _____ by the glands of mollusks compose their shells.
a. secret
b. secreted
c. are secreted
d. they are secreted

556. The size and shape of snowflakes depends mainly on not only the temperature and also the amount of water vapor as the snowflakes develop.

ubah and jadi but

557. In 1922, the tomb of King Tutankhamen, who _____ more than 3,000 years ago, was discovered in Egypt.
a. lived
b. he lived
c. living
d. the life of

558. Even when you sleep, your body uses energy to keep you warm and making your heart beat.

ubah making jadi makes

559. Winds in a tornado can become even more violently than those in a hurricane.

ubah violently jadi violent

560. The Mohs scale _____ to indicate which of the varying degrees of hardness is exhibited by a certain stone.
a. useful
b. using
c. the use
d. is used

561. A little animals, such as the chameleon and the sea gull, have two eyes that can look in different directions at the same time.

ubah a little jadi few

562. The discovery of DNA in 1953 explained how _____ from parent to child.
a. passing certain traits
b. certain traits pass
c. the passing of certain traits
d. certain traits passing

563. Each human have only one-sixth as many muscles as a caterpillar, which has more than 4,000.

ubah have jadi has

564. The pitcher plant digests its prey very slow over a long period of time.

ubah slow jadi slowly

565. A small metal diaphragm _____ a little chamber of carbon granules makes up a telephone transmitter.
a. covers
b. covering
c. it is covering
d. is covering

566. In ancient times, spices were often used in foods to preserve they.

ubah they jadi them

567. The catamaran is a type of sailboat with two parallel hull.

ubah hull jadi hulls

568. Pneumatic _____ with compressed air instead of a fluid.
a. machines work
b. the work of machines
c. working machines
d. mechanical work

569. The color red has the longest wavelengths that yours eyes can see.

ubah yours jadi your

570. _____ to believe that the albatross had the power to bring bad luck.
a. Sailors
b. Sailors used
c. Sailors who used
d. For sailors

571. _____ collide off-center, they rebound at an angle.
a. If two billiard balls
b. Two are billiard balls
c. Two billiard balls
d. Two of the balls

572. More than 8,000 ships have sank off the east coast of the Americas.

ubah sank jadi sunk

573. The gas argon, which constitutes 1.3 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere by weight, is both colorless or odorless.

ubah or jadi and

574. The word ‘igloo’ refers to houses,which ____ from earth, wood, or snow.
a. Eskimo builders
b. Eskimo buildings
c. Eskimos build
d. Eskimos to build

575. The Earth is spin on its own axis at a speed of 1,000 miles an hour at the equator.

ubah spin jadi spinning


526. Mark Twain was a licensed riverboat pilot, and him spent two and a half years working at this trade.

ubah him jadi he

527. The cerebrum _____ what is thought, said, or seen.
a. the control
b. to control
c. controls
d. with control

528. The formation of the first alloys, bronze and brass, was accidentally.

ubah accidentally jadi accidental

529. Each step in an escalator are carried by four wheels on a concealed track.

ubah are carried jadi is carried

530. Animals _____ long range vision, such as bears, often have a keen sense of smell.
a. lacking
b. they lack
c. are lacking
d. lack

531. A pendulum can regulates the speed of a clock by swinging from side to side at a fixed rate.

ubah regulates jadi regulate

532. The political party opposed to Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans during the Civil War _____ Copperheads, or Peace Democrats.
a. it was called the
b. the call of the
c. to call the
d. was called the

533. Tumbleweed breaks off at the ground, blowing in the wind, and scatters seeds as it tumbles.

ubah blowing jadi blows

534. Much different flags were used by American forces during the Revolutionary War.

ubah much jadi many

535. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, _____ winter solstice is the shortest.
a. the
b. and the
c. on the
d. to the

536. Oats, wheat, corn, and rice are the grains most common used in breakfast cereals.

ubah common jadi commonly

537. William Howard Taft, who was the 27th president of the United States, _____ as the chief justice of the Supreme Court.
a. later served
b. he later served
c. who later served
d. later serving

538. Balloon observation of enemy lines were first employed during the American Civil War.

ubah were jadi was

539. Throughout his tenure in office, President Andrew Jackson suffered from a bullet wound received in a duel defending her wife’s honor.

ubah her jadi his

540. Amines are organic bases of which _____.
a. nylon derivatives
b. derivatives of nylon
c. the derivative nylon
d. nylon is a derivative

541. When he is burned, arsenic emits a vapor that smells like garlic.

ubah he jadi it

542. Intense heat can _____ limestone into marble.
a. the change
b. to change
c. change
d. changeable

543. In the United States, people had considering tomatoes poisonous until the nineteenth century.

ubah considering jadi considered

544. The cells in the nails and hair, like the cells at the skin’s surface, is dead.

ubah is jadi are

545. _____ can live well only in dry regions, but cattails must grow in wet places.
a. The cactus is a plant
b. Cactus they
c. Cactus plants
d. On the cactus plants

546. Using an electron microscope, a scientist can see cells and the organelles inside they in amazing detail.

ubah they jadi them

547. The magnitude of _____ on a seismograph.
a. to register an earthquake
b. the registration of an earthquake
c. an earthquake is registered
d. registering an earthquake

548. The Atlantic coastline of the United States has been sank at the rate of four inches every hundred years.

ubah sank jadi sinking

549. Only a few sea creatures, such as the octopus, care for theirs eggs.

ubah theirs jadi their

550. When the arms of a spinning ice skater are pulled toward the body, the speed of the spin _____.
a. the increase
b. increases
c. to increase
d. increasing

551. Despite its dryness, the North American desert supports various type of plant life.

ubah type jadi types

552. Many natural dyes that craftspeople use to color fabrics _____.
a. come from plants
b. plants come
c. coming from plants
d. from plants


509. The first _____ appeared during the last period of the dinosaurs’ reign.
a. flowers are plants
b. plants have flowers
c. plants flowers
d. flowering plants

510. The earliest medicines _____ from plants of various sorts.
a. obtaining
b. they obtained
c. were obtained
d. they were obtained

511. Simple sails were made from canvas _____ over a frame.
a. a stretch
b. stretched
c. was stretched
d. it was stretched

512. Pluto’s moon Charon _____ in a slightly elliptical path around the planet.
a. moving
b. is moving
c. it was moving
d. in its movement

513. Techniques of breath control form an essential part of any _____ program to improve the voice.
a. it trains
b. train
c. trains
d. training

514. Robert E. Lee _____ the Confederate Army to General Grant in 1865 at the Appomattox Courthouse.
a. surrendered
b. he surrendered
c. surrendering
d. surrender

515. The pituitary gland, _____ the brain, releases hormones to control other glands.
a. found below
b. it is found below
c. its foundation below
d. finds itself below

516. At around two years of age, many children regularly produce sentences _____ three or four words.
a. are containing
b. containing
c. contain
d. contains

517. Multinational companies _____ it increasingly important to employ internationally acceptable brand names.
a. finding
b. are finding
c. they find
d. they are finding

518. The cornea is located under the conjunctiva, on _____ of the eye.
a. the part is exposed
b. exposed the part
c. the exposed part
d. exposes the part

519. By the 1920s, many radio transmitters had been build.

ubah build jadi built

520. Fish farming has rose in the United States in recent years.

ubah rose jadi risen

521. Cro-Magnon man was names after the caves in southwest France where the first remains were discovered.

ubah names jadi named

522. Lassie, the famous collie who made her first screen appearance in 1943, has always be played by a male dog.

ubah be jadi been

523. President George Washington was inaugurates on the steps of the Federal Building in New York City.

ubah inaugurates jadi inaugurated

524. By 1627, Plymouth had became a viable and growing community of fifty families, twenty-two goats, fifteen cows, and more than fifty pigs.

ubah became jadi become

525. Tobacco was the crop on which the eminence of Williamsburg and the prosperity of Virginia were base.

ubah base jadi based


483. Anything placed under an electron microscope are increased to a high magnification.

ubah are jadi is

484. _____ in the Earth’s crust between two plates is called a fault.
a. A crack is
b. A crack
c. In a crack
d. In a crack is

485. The Caldecott Medal has being awarded since 1938 to the illustrator of the best picture book for children.

ubah being jadi been

486. The oceans on the side of the Earth nearest to the Moon is pulled outward by the force of the Moon’s gravity.

ubah is jadi are

487. The Electoral College rather than the popular vote _____ who will occupy the office of the U.S. president.
a. determines
b. determination
c. determining
d. to determine

488. Thomas Alva Edison patented 1,093 inventions over their lifetime.

ubah their jadi his

489. Red blood cells live for about 120 days, bone cells live for 25 to 30 years, and brain cells _____ a lifetime.
a. living for
b. to live for
c. they live for
d. live for

490. There are about 850 actively volcanoes in the world, some of which have erupted numerous times.

ubah actively jadi active

491. Some of the heat of the sun are radiated off the Earth and back into the atmosphere.

ubah are jadi is

492. _____ by drops of water which break up sunlight into its different colors.
a. Rainbows are caused
b. The cause of rainbows
c. Causing rainbows
d. For rainbows to cause

493. During the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, a vast number of music was composed and published for the lute.

ubah number jadi amount

494. When you speak, sound vibrations from your larynx travel not only through the air or through the bones and body fluids in your neck and head.

ubah or jadi but also

495. As air _____, it expands and becomes lighter than the surrounding cooler air.
a. the heat
b. the heat is up
c. it heats up up
d. heats up

496. A duck’s webbed feet evolved so that the duck would been able to paddle in water.

ubah been jadi be

497. Although them are sometimes considered part of the Appalachian chain, the Adirondack Mountains belong to the Laurentian Plateau.

ubah them jadi they

498. _____ to open up the American West were specially designed for traveling across open country.
a. The locomotives are used
b. For the locomotives using
c. The locomotives used
d. With the use of locomotives

499. The process of absentee voting allows people unable to appear at theirs designated polling places to vote from other locations.

ubah theirs jadi they

500. Early diving bells relied on the air which _____ at the time of submersion.
a. to contain them
b. they contained
c. their containers
d. containing them

501. The accordion first became popularly in early nineteenth-century Germany and Austria.

ubah popularly jadi popular

502. The areas of the world that are too dry to have green plants but not dryness enough to be deserts are called grasslands.

ubah dryness jadi dry

503. A monument in Adamsville, Rhode Island, commemorates _____ Rhode Island Red breed of chicken originated.
a. the
b. in the
c. where the
d. where is the

504. A normal blood count is one white cells to more than 600 red cells.

ubah cells jadi cell

505. Like trains and cars, bicycles use either wheels and bearings to reduce friction.

ubah either jadi both

506. Little League baseball _____ in 1939 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with 30 boys playing on three teams.
a. in the beginning
b. begun
c. to begin
d. began

507. Since the early 1900s, steam turbines have replacing most steam engines in large electric-power plants.

ubah replacing jadi replaced

508. _____ as the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth.
a. A solar eclipse occurs
b. A solar eclipse occurring
c. The occurrence of a solar eclipse
d. For a solar eclipse to occur


459. The skin of a rhinoceros _____ more than an inch thick.
a. may be
b. it may be
c. to be it
d. for it to be

460. Little League baseball bats may not to be longer than 33 inches.

ubah to be jadi be

461. A complex system of levers in a piano is accessed as each keys are struck.

ubah keys are jadi key is

462. The first person who _____ in less than four minutes was Roger Bannister.
a. running a mile
b. a mile was run
c. he ran a mile
d. ran a mile

463. The first electronic computer, the ENIAC, was introduce in 1946.

ubah introduce jadi introduced

464. A black hole is what _____ at the end of the life of a star.
a. the remnants
b. remains
c. remaining
d. that remains

465. Some adhesives occur in nature or are easy made from plant or animal materials.

ubah easy jadi easily

466. The 19th Amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1920, _____ the right to vote.
a. granted women
b. women granted
c. granting women
d. the grant for women

467. On the third Monday in February, Americans celebrate the births of both George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

ubah or jadi and

468. The lenses on near-sighted eyes do not grow thin enough, so _____ distant objects clearly.
a. they cannot see
b. cannot be seen
c. their sight
d. seeing them

469. Something that produces a very low temperature when added to gas are borax.

ubah are jadi is

470. In 1869, the first railroad _____ the east and west coasts of the United States was completed.
a. it connected
b. was connecting
c. connecting
d. connected

471. In an orchestra, more than half of the musicians plays stringed instruments.

ubah plays jadi play

472. Both Copernicus and Galileo _____ that the Sun was the center of the solar system.
a. they postulated
b. postulated
c. it was postulated
d. the postulation

473. The Earth’s crust is very thin under the oceans, but its thicker under the continents.

ubah its jadi it is

474. A little types of snakes, such as boas and pythons, retain remnants of vestigial limbs.

ubah a little jadi a few

475. Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) achieved great success in the North but banning in most of the South.

ubah banning jadi was banned

476. Poll taxes, which potential voters had to pay before voting in federal elections, _____ in 1964.
a. were outlawed
b. the outlaws
c. to outlaw
d. outlawing

477. The vertebrae of snakes are distinctively in that each vertebra touches its front and back neighbors at five different points.

ubah distinctively jadi distinctive

478. In 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte took back western Louisiana from Spain, and in 1802 they canceled the American right to trade at New Orleans.

ubah they jadi he

479. _____ carry tiny electrical signals around the body.
a. Cells have nerves
b. In nerve cells
c. Nerve cells have
d. Nerve cells

480. An hourglass consists of two glass container joined by a narrow tube.

ubah container jadi containers

481. The last star in the handle of the Little Dipper is names Polaris, or the North Star.

ubah names jadi named

482. ______ only a few hundred light years across is a dwarf galaxy.
a. A small galaxy measuring
b. A small galaxy measures
c. Measure a small galaxy
d. For a small galaxy to measure


439. Pure talc breaks easy into thin, transparent flakes.

ubah easy jadi easily

440. There are more distinctly species of bats than of any other mammal.

ubah distinctly jadi distinct

441. It used to be illegally in parts of the state of Michigan to hitch a crocodile to a fire hydrant.

ubah illegally jadi illegal

442. Under the thin, relative cool crust of the Earth lies the mantle.

ubah relative jadi relatively

443. When objects vibrate quick back and forth, they create sounds.

ubah quick jadi quickly

444. The grizzly bear’s nose, muzzle, and teeth look similarly to a dog’s.

ubah similarly jadi similar

445. The Sun contains more than 99 percent of the mass of the entirely solar system.

ubah entirely jadi entire

446. Auroras appear when high charged particles from sunspots excite the thin gases of the upper atmosphere.

ubah high jadi highly

447. Though a moose may appear awkwardly, it is actually an extremely nimble and efficient animal.

ubah awkwardly jadi awkward

448. Heat energy flows spontaneous from a body at high temperature to one at cold temperature.

ubah spontaneous jadi spontaneously

449. The Galapagos Islands are remotely islands in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles off the coast of South America.

ubah remotely jadi remote

450. Perfumes are generally alcoholic solutions of substances that smell pleasantly when combined.

ubah pleasantly jadi pleasant

451. Unlike soaps, detergents are synthetics that do not form easy biodegradable waste products.

ubah easy jadi easily

452. The stem of the kohlrabi thickens noticeable to form an edible tuber one to three inches above the ground.

ubah noticeable jadi noticeably

453. John Jacob Astor (1763 – 1848) became quite wealthily by dominating the American fur trade and investing his profits in New York real estate.

ubah wealthily jadi wealthy

454. The modern city of Phoenix, Arizona sits on the site of an anciently settlement of the Hohokam tribe.

ubah anciently jadi ancient

455. A newborn baby’s head is comparative large in relation to the rest of the body.

ubah comparative jadi comparatively

456. The chance that two fingerprints will prove identically is about 1 in 64 billion.

ubah identically jadi identical

457. Absolute zero is the temperature at which molecular movement virtual ceases.

ubah virtual jadi virtually

458. If a virus enters the throat and infects it, the throat will feel inflamed and uncomfortably.

ubah uncomfortably jadi uncomfortable


419. Penguins cannot fly, but it can swim very well.

Ubah it jadi they

420. When light rays pass through a lens, them are bent, or refracted.

ubah them jadi they

421. Carpenter bees tunnel into wood in order to build theirs nests.

ubah theirs jadi their

422. A plant creates his own food from air, sunlight, and water.

ubah his jadi its

423. When a bighorn sheep ewe is about to give birth, her leaves the band for a secluded ledge.

ubah her jadi she

424. Albert Einstein did not begin speaking until it was six years old.

ubah it jadi he

425. The total number of protons in an element is called it’s atomic number.

ubah it’s jadi its

426. When explorer John Cabot returned to England with the news that he had reached the New World, the king rewarded he with an extra ten pounds.

ubah he jadi him

427. Cartilage has no blood supply and unlike bone, does not repair themselves when damaged.

ubah themselves jadi them

428. Each of yours fingers has its own tendons attached to the finger-pulling muscles in your forearm.

ubah yours jadi your

429. A number of pre-Columbian skulls with holes bored in they have been found by archaeologists.

ubah they jadi them

430. In 1500, the potato grew in the Andes Mountains of South America, and the only people who ate them were the Incas.

ubah them jadi it

431. Some antibodies can cause harm if their taken over a long period of time.

ubah their jadi they are

432. Abraham Lincoln did not grow his familiar beard until after him was elected president.

ubah him jadi he

433 When you look into a mirror, it seems as if one is standing behind the glass looking out.

ubah one is jadi you are

434. Typhoid Mary was a carrier of typhoid, and 52 cases of this disease were directly attributable to she.

ubah she jadi her

435. Countess Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron, has been recognized for hers work assisting Babbage in the development of his analytical engine.

ubah hers jadi her

436. The queen termite spends his entire life in a chamber in the most secure part of the nest.

ubah his jadi her

437. If the alveoli in human lungs were spread out flat, them would cover a surface as large as a tennis court.

ubah them jadi they

438. The names of many of the immigrants who came through Ellis Island are inscribed on one of their walls.

ubah their jadi its


399. The human jawbone hinges on each sides of the skull at ear level.

ubah sides jadi side

400. In the Bighorn Mountains, a range in the Rocky Mountains, there are much mountain lakes and waterfalls.

ubah much jadi many

401. Like other rodents, squirrels have four large incisor tooth for gnawing.

ubah tooth jadi teeth

402. The hot air inside a balloon has fewer density than the colder air that surrounds it.

ubah fewer jadi less

403. A single mature tobacco plants can potentially yield a million seeds.

ubah plants jadi plant

404. The U.S. Coast Guard began in 1790, when Congress authorized a group of a little boats, only about ten, to guard the nation’s coast.

ubah a little jadi a few

405. Refrigerators and boilers are both machine that work by transferring heat from one place to another.

ubah machine jadi machines

406. A large amount of people, more than 12 million, came into the United States through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924.

ubah amount jadi number

407. As a wheel rolls along, every parts along the wheel’s rim will touch the ground and then rise up.

ubah parts jadi part

408. In 1888, Benjamin Harrison received less popular votes than Grover Cleveland but was elected president anyway.

ubah less jadi fewer

409. In the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci drew several rough sketch of a contraption that looked like a bicycle.

ubah sketch jadi sketches

410. Many bronze alloys contain a small number of material other than copper and tin.

ubah number jadi amount

411. North America has an areas of 9,400,000 square miles, approximately 3,000,000 square miles more than South America.

ubah areas jadi area

412. When the melting point for a substance has been reachedits molecules gain too many energy to stay in one place.

ubah many jadi much

413. In 1930, the International Astronomical Union established a standard set of 88 constellation.

ubah constellation jadi constellations

414. Sound travels well through the desert because there is few vegetation to absorb sound waves.

ubah few jadi little

415, At various time during the Pleistocene age, broad belts of land connected Eurasia and North America.

ubah time jadi times

416. Until only a few hundred years agomuch people still believed that the earth was flat.

ubah much jadi many

417. A muscle fiber, which is thinner than a hair, can be up to one feet long in a large human muscle.

ubah feet jadi foot

418. Great amounts of cells of many kinds form the bodies of such creatures as insects and mammals.

ubah amounts jadi numbers


379. The remains of meat-eating dinosaurs have be found in Antarctica.

ubah be jadi been

380. Bees are find all over the world, except in Antarctica.

ubah find jadi found

381. The fruit of the avocado tree can grew up to nine inches in diameter.

ubah grew jadi grow

382. The U.S. Government has not prints bills larger than $100 since 1969.

ubah prints jadi printed

383. In early basketball games, peach baskets were use as hoops.

ubah use jadi used

384. The boiling point will changes with changes in air pressure.

ubah changes jadi change

385. By the end of the Cretaceous Period, all dinosaurs had dying out.

ubah dying jadi died

386. A young cow, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, or whale is calls calf.

ubah calls jadi called

387. A bat must hung upside down in order to rest or sleep.

ubah hung jadi hang

388. The popular board games chess, checkers, and backgammon have all exist for many centuries.

ubah exist jadi existed

389. Like the Earth, the Moon was bombards with meteorites during its first billion years.

ubah bombards jadi bombarded

390. A newborn baby might sleeping as much as 16 hours a day in intermittent periods.

ubah sleeping jadi sleep

391. Topaz has being identified in yellow, blue, green, violet, pink, and colorless varieties.

ubah being jadi been

392. The Red Spot on Jupiter is a giant spiral storm that has been rage for more than 300 years.

ubah rage jadi raging

393. In medieval times, the superior office of a soldier who had been cowardly or disloyal would broke the sword of the soldier.

ubah broke jadi break

394. The house sparrow was introduced into North America in the early 1850s, and within a century it had spreads across the continent.

ubah spreads jadi spread

395. In Texas in the 1830s, thousands of Longhorn cattle were ran wild on the plains.

ubah ran jadi running

396. A wave may struck the shore with a force equal to the pressure of 6,000 pounds per square foot.

ubah struck jadi strike

397. Silk fibers produced by spiders are very fine and have proves impractical for use in textiles.

ubah proves jadi proven

398. Our solar system is actually moves through space toward the constellation of Hercules at about 12 miles per second.

ubah moves jadi moving

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