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Some people think that the best place to raise children is in a city. Others think that the best place is in the countryside. Compare these two views. Which view do you agree with? Explain why.

As soon as the decision is made to have children, parents debate whether it is better to raise them in the city or in the countryside. Although sometimes a job may dictate where to raise a family, if I had the choice, I’d prefer to raise my children in a city.

Objectively, there are some benefits to raising children in the countryside. First, there is less pollution. Second, there are fewer social pressures. As a result, children don’t have to grow up so quickly. On the whole, some may argue that one can feel closer to as well as appreciate nature living in the countryside.

On the other hand, there are more benefits to living in a city. City children are exposed to more culture. In addition, there is a greater variety of types of people children can be exposed to, expanding their horizons. Furthermore, living in a city can foster more independence as children can get around by themselves on public transportation and not depend on their parents. Finally, children can live closer to friends and have more opportunities for interaction.

I was raised in the countryside, and although I do appreciate the beauty of nature, I was oftentimes bored as a child and had very few friends living nearby to play with. I hope to raise my own children in a city so that they can frequently visit museums and the theater and attend concerts. As far as I’m concerned, the types of people living in the countryside are very similar. In other words, I hope to expose my own children to an array of people: rich and poor, old and young, differing social classes, etc.

To sum up, whereas there are some benefits to living in the countryside, namely a healthier environment and fewer temptations, the richness of city life, coupled with the array of opportunities and ease of mobility, make living in the city a better option for me.


Many people have pets. Other people don’t. In your opinion, is it a good idea to have a pet, such as a bird, dog, or cat? Why or why not?

Many people in the world have pets, and there are different reasons why people do. Some of these pets are treated like actual family members. Other people who do not own pets cannot understand why some people have pets and treat them as they do. Although some people think it’s not a good idea to have a pet, I believe it’s beneficial.

People who don’t have pets may think that pets are dirty. If you have a dog, you have to clean up animal hair or accidents they have. Moreover, there’s often a smell in the apartment from the pet. In addition, buying the pet food and supplies and paying for visits to the veterinarian can be very expensive. One has to be frequently around either to walk the pet or simply feed it. On the other hand, there are many positive reasons for owning a pet. An animal, such as a dog or cat, can keep you company.

Furthermore, the pet is always happy to see you when you come home. One can get exercise, for example, by taking it on a walk. As a result of patting it, one can relax. Sometimes a person can get a dog so that she can feel safe due to its bark or simply its presence. I didn’t have a dog growing up, and once I got one, I was surprised at how quickly she became a beloved part of our family, in fact, enabling us all to share in her well-being and happiness.

In conclusion, there are people who think pets are a nuisance because of both their smell and the mess they create. Also, pets are demanding of time and can be quite costly. In contrast, those people who have pets know what a welcome addition they can be to any person or family. Clearly, they bring companionship and love. What’s more, their need for exercise can help anyone become more active. For the most part, their presence can reduce stress. Therefore, I suggest that having a pet is better than not having one.

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