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After many months of hiatus due to thesis writing and finishing my masters in Thai, now I am ready to blog again!

In this coming November, I will discuss more and more about SIMAK UI english test.
I am going to explain to all of you reader of this website, all you need to know to master the SIMAK UI postgrad English test.
So if you are thinking about refreshing your grammar knowledge, you can do it here!

Please be patient and wait for my update in the next few days!

Admin (Dyah)

Post 4

1. Because aluminum is lighter and cheaper _____, it is frequently used for high-tension power transmission.
A. as copper
B. than copper
C. for copper
D. more copper

2. It is only recently that ballets have been based on themes _____ American life.
A. reflecting
B. reflects
C. is reflecting
D. reflected

3. Poison oak generates irritating poisons _____ even if people merely brush against the plants.
A. they can affect people
B. that can affect people
C. what can effect people
D. which do they affect

4. _____ ants live in colonies, keep farms, go to war, carry off slaves, and have a society somewhat like human beings.
A. Studies of ant life show that
B. Studies of ant life that
C. That is studied
D. That the studies of ant life

5. Generic medications are just as _____ and much less expensive.
A. effectively brand-name products
B. brand-name products effective
C. brand-name products as effective
D. effective as brand-name products

6. _____ is no way to tell the exact number of heroin addicts in the United States.
A. It
B. There
C. What
D. Each

7. Ernest Hemingway is _____ of modern fiction.
A. one of the molders
B. the molders one
C. who is one of the molders
D. the molders who is the one

8. _____ occasions for congratulations.
A. Birthdays that usually considered
B. Usually considering birthdays
C. Birthdays are usually considered
D. That considered birthdays usually

9. “Forty-niners” _____ to California for gold in 1848.
A. rushed
B. are rushed
C. have rushed
D. rushing

10. In order for people to work together effectively, they need _____ each other’s needs.
A. to be sensitive to
B. is sensitive for
C. sensitivity
D. sensitive

11. It is good form to use the name of the person _____.
A. who are greeting
B. you are greeting
C. which you are greeting
D. greeting for you

12. _____ the promotion of health and to helping people avoid injury and disease.
A. To commit the Red Cross
B. The Red Cross to commit
C. Committed to the Red Cross is
D. The Red Cross is committed to

13. People usually can get a sufficient amount of the calcium their bodies _____ from the food they consume.
A. need
B. needs
C. needing
D. to need

14. It is possible _____ may assist some trees in saving water in the winter.
A. the leaves are lost
B. when leaves have lost
C. that the loss of leaves
D. to lose leaves

15. Hollywood, the heart of America’s motion picture industry, ______ of Los Angeles a century ago.
A. was only a quiet suburb
B. only quiet suburb was
C. quiet suburb only was
D. suburb was quiet only

16. Kitchen appliances called blenders became ______ in the 1930s, when Stephen J. Poplawski developed a machine that excelled at making his favorite drink.
A. establish
B. establishing
C. established
D. which establish

17. Built at the beginning of the century, the Library of Congress houses one of the largest _____ collections of books in the world.
A. and fine
B. and finest
C. or finest
D. yet fine

18. In the preparation of fibrous material for production uses, stiff woody fibers from plants _____ fibers from animal sources.
A. the most heat the
B. need more heat than
C. than more heat needed
D. need the more heat than

19. A partnership is an association of two or more individuals who _____ together to develop a business.
A. worked
B. they work
C. work
D. working

20. Chosen as the nation’s capital at the end of the American Civil War, _____ a city of over a million people.
A. Washington, D.C. is now
B. for Washington, D.C.,
C. to Washington, D.C.,
D. now in Washington, D.C.,

21. Within an area of only 100 miles, Death Valley sinks to 282 feet below sea level, while Mount Whitney _____ to a height of 14,494 feet.
A. soaring
B. soar
C. soared
D. soars

22. The cosmopolitan flavor of San Francisco is enhanced by ______ shops and restaurants.
A. an ethnic
B. its many ethnic
C. its ethnicity
D. ethnicity

23. ______ that increasing numbers of compact-disc players will be bought by consumers in the years to come.
A. They are anticipated
B. In anticipation
C. Anticipating
D. It is anticipated

24. How the Earth is in the shadow of the moon, we see an eclipse of the sun.

25. The children’s television program called Sesame Street was seeing in 84 countries in 1989.

Post 3

1. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers _____ $39.9 million, three times the previous record.
A. once sold for
B. for sale once
C. selling for once
D. for once sold

2. Some monkeys, _____, use their tails in a way similar to a hand.
A. like the spider monkey
B. spider monkey likes
C. to the spider monkey
D. the monkey likes the spider

3. Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds _____.
A. occasionally to find
B. occasionally found
C. have occasionally been found
D. have occasionally found

4. Between the California Coast Ranger and the Sierra Nevada _____.
A. great Central Valley
B. the great Central Valley
C. being the great Central Valley
D. lies the great Central Valley

5. It is gravity _____ objects toward the earth.
A. pulling
B. that pulls
C. to pull
D. what pulls

6. _____ their territories but rather than fight, they howl.
A. Wolves protectively jealous
B. Jealous of wolves
C. Protection of wolves
D. Wolves jealously protect

7. _____ strength of 70 horses, a forklift toils all day long in a warehouse lifting great weights.
A. Because the
B. With the
C. Some
D. The

8. The growth of two-income families in the United States _____ of people moving to a new social class.
A. has resulted in millions
B. results of millions
C. millions of results
D. resulting in millions

9. Using a globe can be _____ it is educational.
A. enjoyable
B. to enjoy as
C. as enjoyable
D. as enjoyable as

10. Each mediocre book we read means one less great book that we would otherwise have a chance _____.
A. to read them
B. read
C. reading
D. to read

11. Most accidents in the home can be prevented by _____ elimination of hazards.
A. that
B. that the
C. there is a
D. the

12. _____ problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs.
A. One of the biggest
B. The biggest one
C. Of the biggest one
D. There are the biggest

13. The strongest dump trucks work in rock quarries, _____ tons of rocks and soil at one time.
A. that they move
B. they move
C. where they move
D. which they move

14. Alice Freeman, _____ to head Wellesley College at age 27, is one of the youngest college presidents in history.
A. who was appointed
B. has been appointed
C. that is appointed
D. is appointed

15. Helen Keller lost both her sight and hearing after a severe illness _____.
A. of her age in 19 months
B. she was 19 months old
C. when she was 19 months old
D. when 19 months old she was

16. One of history’s most spectacular executions were that of Damiens, the unsuccessful assassin of Louis XV of France.

17. Globes and maps have always been important throughout history, but never as more so than today.

18. Because vitamins are contained in a wide variety of foods, people seldom lack of most of them.

19. Psychological experiment indicate that people remember more math problems that they cannot solve than those they are able to solve.

20. The sun is a huge fiery globe at a average distance of 93,000,000 miles from the Earth.

21. Before becoming successful, Charles Kettering, former vice president of General Motors, was so poor that he has to use the hayloft of a barn as a laboratory.

22. Despite the metric system is used throughout the world, it is still not commonly used in the United States.

23. Some gorillas beat their chests as an express of high spirits.

24. Because Walter Reed’s efforts and those of the people who worked with him, human beings no longer fear the dreaded disease of yellow fever.

25. Studying the science of logic is one way to cultivate one’s reason skills.

26. The continental shelves is the shallow area of the ocean floor that is closest to the continents.

27. The average adult get two to five colds each year.

28. Fishing have been found to contain a particular type of fat that may help lower blood cholesterol levels.

29. Benjamin Franklin’s ability to learn from observation and experience contributed greatly to him success in public life.

30. Industrial lasers are most often used for cutting, welding, drilling, and measure.

31. In the last 10 years, Mexican government has reduced the number of its state-owned companies to about half.

32. Psychologists at the University of Kansas has studied the effects of the color of a room on people’s behavior.

33. Montaigne, the illustrious French philosophy, was elected mayor of Bordeaux, which was his hometown.

34. Certain pollens are more likely to cause an allergic reaction than another.

35. Computers have made access to information instantly available just by push a few buttons.

36. Mined over 2,000 years ago, copper is one of the earliest know metals.

37. Many of the early work of T.S. Eliot expresses the anguish and barrenness of modern life and the isolation of the individual.

38. A sore throat interferes with daily life by making swallow difficult.

39. A farmer’s tractor is like a powerful horse, as it plows field, pulls trailers, and moves heavy loads.

40. During wedding ceremonies in the United States guests are usually silence.



Post 2

1. With new technology, cameras can take pictures of underwater valleys _____ color.
A. within
B. for
C. in
D. by

2. _____ the fifth largest among the nine planets that make up our solar system.
A. The Earth is
B. The Earth being
C. That the Earth is
D. Being the Earth

3. In mathematics, a variable is a symbol _____ some element of a set.
A. and representing
B. represents
C. that represents
D. represents that

4. _____ actress’s life is in many ways unlike that of other women.
A. An
B. A
C. As the
D. That the

5. About 20 miles from Boston, _____ a little town named Concord that has a rich history.
A. has
B. there is
C. there are
D. where is

6. An adviser to both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman, _____ of Bethune-Cookman College.
A. Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune was the founder
B. Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune, who was the founder
C. the founder was Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune
D. did the founder Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune

7. Warmth, moisture, and oxygen are three necessary requirements _____ most seedlings.
A. for cultivating
B. for cultivate
C. as cultivating
D. can cultivate

8. In the West, the birth of a girl is welcomed with an enthusiasm _____ to that of a boy.
A. equally
B. equal
C. they are equal
D. and equal

9. A well-known large natural lake is Lake Tahoe, _____ straddles the California-Nevada border.
A. and
B. which
C. since
D. for

10. Before _____, they used horse-drawn wooden carts.
A. farmers have had tractors
B. tractors owned by farmers
C. having tractors farmers
D. farmers had tractors

11. Tuna, _____, may weigh up to 1,000 pounds.
A. is the sea giant
B. can be giants of the sea
C. one of the sea giants
D. the sea of the giant

12. Physical fitness exercises can cause injuries _____ the participants are not careful.
A. that
B. to
C. if
D. with

13. Total weight of all the ants in the world is much greater than _____.
A. to all human beings
B. all human beings is that
C. that of all human beings
D. is of all human beings

14. _____ for overall health.
A. Extra fiber in one’s diet is helpful
B. Extra fiber is one’s helpful diet
C. Helpful one’s diet is extra fiber
D. One’s diet is helpful in extra fiber

15. Elephants scratch themselves with sticks _____.
A. holding in their trunks
B. in their trunks holding
C. hold in their trunks
D. held in their trunks

16. In order to survive, trees rely to the amount of annual rainfall they receive, as well as the seasonal distribution of the rain.

17. The purchased of Louisiana was one of the biggest events in the history of the United States.

18. A future system of solid waste managements should begin with reduction in the amount of waste.

19. The tongue is the principle organ of taste, and is crucial for chewing, swallowed, and speaking.

20. The members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate are election by the citizens of the United States.

21. The human ear cannot hear a sound that vibrates less than 16 times the second.

22. Some tree frogs can alter their colors in order to blend to their environment.

23. If one is invited out to a dinner, it is perfectly proper to go either with or without no a gift.

24. Some birds, such as quails, can move instant from a resting position to full flight.

25. In 1961, America’s first manned spacecraft was launched out.

26. Geochemistry includes the study of the movement of elements from one place to another as a result of processes chemical.

27. Fireflies product light through a complex chemical reaction that takes place within their abdominal cells.

28. Wind is the motion that occurs when lighter air rises and cools heavier air replaces it.

29. Under the crust of the Earth are bubbling hot liquids that sometime rise to the surface.

30. Oceans of the world exerts strong influences on the weather over the Earth’s surface.

31. The Columbine flower can survive in almost any type of gardens condition in the United States.

32. Kiwi birds search the ground with the bills for insects, worms, and snails to eat.

33. If protect, a solar cell lasts for a long time and is a good source of energy.

34. The growth rate of the Pacific Rim countries is five times fast as comparable areas during the Industrial Revolution.

35. Drug abuse have become one of America’s most serious social problems.

36. The Commitments of Traders Report is released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on eleventh day of each month.

37. Heartburn can best be understood as a symptom causing by acid reflux due to a weak lower esophageal sphincter.

38. In 1903, when the Wright brothers announced they had invented a flying machine, his news was generally ignored.

39. Lasers are indispensable tools for delicate eyes surgery.

40. Alexander Calder, who was originally interested in mechanical engineering, later became a sculpture.










Post 1

1. America’s first globe maker was James Wilson, who _____ and blacksmith in his earlier life.
A. a farmer had been
B. had been a farmer
C. farming
D. being a farmer

2. Napoleon _____ the West Indian island of Santo Domingo in 1801.
A. attacked
B. is attacking
C. has attacked
D. attacking

3. Modern industrial methods have supplanted individual crafts, _____ stonecarvers, coopers, and cobblers virtually extinct.
A. make blacksmiths,
B. made blacksmiths,
C. making them blacksmiths,
D. making blacksmiths,

4. Not only knowledge and skills, but also attitudes _____ in school for students’ future adjustment to society.
A. when cultivated
B. cultivated
C. which need to be cultivated
D. need to be cultivated

5. On Mercator’s maps, the far northern and southern polar regions are _____.
A. greatly exaggerated in area
B. exaggerating greatly in area
C. greatly exaggerate in area
D. great exaggeration in area

6. On the slope of Long’s Peak in Colorado _____ the ruin of a gigantic tree.
A. that lies
B. lies
C. where lies
D. lie

7. _____ in Shanghai than in any other city in China.
A. More people live
B. More people living
C. It has more people
D. More living people

8. The earth spins on its axis and ____ 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.09 seconds for one complete rotation.
A. need
B. needed
C. needing
D. needs

9. _____ on the environment for the gratification of its needs.
A. Each organism to depend
B. Every organism depends
C. All organisms depending
D. Many organisms can depend

10. Of Charles Dickens’ many novels, Great Expectations is perhaps _____ to many readers.
A. the most satisfying one
B. most satisfying one
C. more than satisfying one
D. the more satisfying than

11. _____, the nation’s capital remained in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A. While designing Washington, D.C.
B. Washington, D.C., was designed
C. While Washington, D.,C., was being designed
D. Washington, D.C., designed

12. Children learn primarily by _____ the world around them.
A. experiencing directly of
B. experience direct
C. directly physical experience
D. direct physical experience of

13. It is earth’s gravity that _____ people their weight.
A. gives
B. give
C. giving
D. given

14. Generally speaking, people should have _____ as their desires will allow.
A. much education
B. as much education
C. education
D. for education

15. A dolphin six _____ length can move as fast as most ships.
A. foot in
B. feet in
C. foot of
D. feet of

16. Cotton used to rank first between Alabama’s crops, but it represents only a fraction of the agricultural production now.

17. Salmon lay their eggs and die in freshwater, although they live in salt water when most of their adult lives.

18. To building their nests, tailorbirds use their bills as needles.

19. Fountain pens first became commercial available about a hundred years ago.

20. With its strong claws and its many protruding tooth, a gopher is an excellent digger.

21. Drug addiction has resulted of many destroyed careers and expulsions from school or college.

22. Because of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the United States begin to realize the true value of the Louisiana territory.

23. Americans annually import more than $3 billion worthy of Italian clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

24. Akuce Ganuktibm, she spent her life working with the health and welfare of the families of workers.

25. There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with those of another.

26. Male guppies, like many other male fish, are more color than females.

27. When rhinos take mud baths, the mud create a barrier to biting insects.

28. Benjamin Franklin, as an inventor, he had broad interests, mechanical skills, persistence, and a practical view of life.

29. In the stock market, the fluctuations in Standard and Poor’s 500 Index does not always conform to Dow Jones Averages.

30. A jellyfish, which isn’t really a fish, it has no brain, no bones, and no face.

31. International trade, going traveling, and television have lain the groundwork for modern global life styles.

32. The most visible remind of the close relationship between the United States and France is the famous Statue of Liberty, which stands in New York harbor.

33. Until diamonds are cut and polished, they just like look small blue-grey stones.

34. Jackie Robinson, whose joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, was the first black American to play baseball in the major leagues.

35. Laser technology is the heart of a new generation of high-speed copiers and printer.

36. Fertilize farmland is one of the biggest natural resources in the Central States.

37. The symptoms of diabetes in the early stages are too slight that people don’t notice them.

38. Gone With the Wind written after Margaret Mitchell quit her job as a reporter because of an ankle injury.

39. With a policy of eminent domain, the state has control ultimate of all real property.

40. Hay fever symptoms, ranged from mild to severe, differ in degree according to the individual.










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