Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to specifically explain how they cast doubt on points made in the reading passage.

The lecturer contends that the arguments made by the anti-immunization movement are invalid. Even though the movement seems to offer strong arguments against vaccinating babies and children, these arguments, one by one, can be challenged.

First, they state that natural immunity is preferable; however, those not immunized in the world have died. Second, the group claims that diseases are contracted by immunizations, yet no such cases have been found. It’s easier to say that a rise in certain diseases or conditions is due to immunizations rather than bothering to investigate further. Third, the argument that natural healing is better than immunizations is absurd. In fact, no such healing has been proven successful. Finally, the assertion that the vaccine itself is harmful is false. Vaccinations may cause pain; however, no one has ever died from a shot.

To summarize, the great number of deaths in areas of the world without vaccinations is clearly proof enough that the movement against immunizations is not to be taken seriously. In other words, the claims of this movement have no scientific basis.