61. ________ that hunted other animals tended to have very narrow, sharp, curved claws.
A. For dinosaurs
B. Dinosaurs are known
C. Dinosaurs
D. Like dinosaurs

Pada soal ini kita membutuhkan subjek murni. karena sudah ada main verb (tended)
Subjek murni ambil C. subjek (Dinosaurs).

62. The first eyeglasses had convex lenses for the aged who________ far-sighted.
A. had become
B. they had become
C. becoming
D. it became

Pada soal ini kita butuh main verb setelah conjunction (who).
Ambil main verb past perfect pada opsi A. main verb (had become)

63. Chimney Rock, ________ 500 feet above the North Platte River, has eroded considerably in the last two centuries.
A. stands
B. in standing
C. it stands
D. which stands

Pada soal ini kita butuh conjunction dan main verb untuk melengkapi klausa apositif.
Ambil opsi D. conjunction (which) main verb (stands).

64. ________ that accompany recurring bouts of severe depression reduce bone density.
A. It changes hormones
B. Hormonal changes
C. The hormones change
D. The change in hormones is

Pada soal ini kita butuh subjek jamak. Subjek jamak disini berupa pairing adjective dan noun plural.
Ambil opsi B. adjective (Hormonal) noun plural (changes).

65. Willa Cather is an author ________ for her evocative and memorable vision of frontier prairie life.
A. whom readers
B. the praise of readers
C. whom praisings
D. whom readers praise

Pada soal ini kita butuh conjunction, subjek dan main verb.
Ambil opsi D. conjunction (whom) subjek (readers) main verb (praise).

66. Mars’s tiny moon Phobos is a small mountain of rock that________ from the asteroid belt by Mars’s gravitational pull.
A. was probably captured
B. it probably
C. the probable capture
D. probably the capture

Pada soal ini kita butuh main verb lampau pasif.
Ambil opsi A. was probably captured.

67. ________ is famous as the home of the United States Naval Academy.
A. Annapolis
B. Because of Annapolis
C. Why Annapolis
D. Because Annapolis

Pada soal ini kita butuh subjek murni.
Ambil A. subjek (Annapolis).

68. Some scientists think________ be a planet but a moon of Neptune.
A. that Pluto does not seem
B. not Pluto
C. Pluto that might not
D. that Pluto might not

Pada soal ini kita butuh conjunction subjek modals negatif.
Ambil opsi D. conjunction (that) subjek (Pluto) modals negatif (might not).

69. With________ of sophisticated oil lamps, elaborate tools were made to cut the wicks.
A. appeared
B. the appearance
C. the appearance was
D. it appeared

Pada soal ini kita butuh artikel dan noun.
Ambil opsi B. artikel (the) noun (appearance).

70. Fort Union was the site of what ________ principal fur-trading post on the upper Missouri River.
A. the
B. being the
C. was the
D. it was the

Pada soal ini kita butuh main verb dan artikel.
Ambil opsi C. main verb (was) artikel (the).