71. Since________ commercial risk, it has to appeal to a large audience to justify its cost.
A. the face of the movie
B. moving faces
C. a movie faces
D. to face a movie

butuh subjek dan main verb ambil opsi C.

72. A current of water known as the Gulf Stream comes up from the Gulf of Mexico, and then________ the North Atlantic toward Europe.
A. it crosses
B. crossing
C. with its crosses
D. crosses it

butuh subjek dan main verb ambil opsi A.

73. Systems________ the two symbols 0 and 1 are called binary number systems.
A. use
B. they use
C. uses
D. using

butuh extra verb (present participle) ambil opsi D.

74. Genes, ________ the blueprints for cell construction, exist in tightly organized packages called chromosomes.
A. are
B. they are
C. which
D. which are

butuh conjunction dan main verb, ambil opsi D.

75. The Earth’s atmosphere consists of gases________ in place around the Earth by the gravitational pull of the planet.
A. held
B. hold
C. it holds
D. the hold

butuh extra verb (past participle), ambil opsi A.

76. Oscar Hammerstein II collaborated with a number of composers including Jerome Kern, whom ________ in writing the musical Show Boat.
A. joined
B. was joined
C. he joined
D. joining

butuh subjek dan main verb, ambil opsi C.

77. Both of a halibut’s eyes are on one sides of its head.

butuh noun tunggal, buang s, menjadi hanya side.

78. Colorful rock formations is found in Haleakala’s crater.

butuh main verb jamak, ganti is menjadi are.

79. Nobody know when the process of glass-making was invented.

butuh main verb tunggal untuk nobody, ubah know menjadi knows.

80. Sugars like glucose is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

butuh main verb jamak untuk Sugars, ubah is menjadi are.