91. The Earth’s one-year revolution around the Sun changes how________ on one hemisphere or the other.
A. falling sunlight
B. the fall of sunlight
C. sunlight in the fall
D. sunlight falls

butuh subjek dan main verb setelah conjunction how, ambil opsi D.

92. Though sporadic interest in regional dialects________ for centuries, the first large-scale systematic studies did not take place until the nineteenth century.
A. has existed
B. it existed
C. has it existed
D. existing with it

butuh main verb present perfect, ambil opsi A.

93. The waters of the Chattahoochee River fills Lake Lanier.

Subjek plural waters, maka ubah fills jadi fill

94. The first set of false teeth similar to those in use today it was made in France in the 1780s.

Subjek pronoun it, tidak kita butuhkan, maka harus diomit. Buang it.

95. The term ‘Yankee’ was originally a nickname for people from New England, but now anyone from the United States are referred to as a Yankee.

anyone itu tunggal, maka ubah are menjadi is.

96. A network of small arteries, mostly sandwiched between the skin and the underlying muscles, supply blood to the face and scalp.

a network itu tunggal, maka ubah supply menjadi supplies.

97. Mesquite is a small tree in the Southwest who can withstand the severest drought.

who itu untuk manusia, bukan pohon, ubah jadi which atau that.

98. At the end of the Revolution, most of the army units of the young nation was almost entirely disbanded, leaving a total national military force of eighty men in 1784.

most units itu jamak, maka ubah was jadi were.

99. Ballpoint pens are less versatile but more population than fountain pens.

bukan noun population yang kita perlu disini, melainkan adjective popular

100. Riddles vary greatly in both grammatical and phonology form.

soal struktur paralel, ubah phonology jadi phonological (bentuk di belakang both harus sama dengan bentuk di belakang and)