171. A dip pen’s nib is split into two halves ________ at the point of the nib.
A. who meet
B. which meet
C. they meet
D. meet

Butuh conjunction dan main verb, ambil opsi B.

172. In 1785, Henry Knox was appoint the new republic’s first secretary of war.

Butuh V3, ambil B ubah jadi appointed.

173. Biophysics is one of the various branch of physics.

Ubah branch menjadi branches.

174. Unlike many great writers, Longfellow was an enormously popular poet in him day.

Ubah him menjadi his.

175. After Lincoln’s assassination, Ford’s Theater was closed and parts of it was converted to government office space.

Ubah was menjadi were, karena parts plural.

176. Most of the Earth’s ice is found either in the two great ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland and on the tall mountains of the world.

Ubah and menjadi or, karena ada either

177. Except for a few species, such as the spotted salamander, the courtship of salamanders are secretive and not often observed.

Ubah are menjadi is, karena subjeknya the courtship tunggal.

178. Unlike most mollusks, crustaceans outgrow their shells and need to build several completely new casings throughout they lives.

Ubah they menjadi their.

179. Sounds quieter than 10 decibels are impossibly for the human ear to hear.

Ubah impossibly jadi impossible.

180. Often the best farmland is next to a river that floods periodical.

Ubah periodical jadi periodically.