191. Researchers have long debated about ________ moon Titan contains hydrocarbon oceans or lakes.
A. Saturn’s
B. whether it is Saturn’s
C. whether Saturn’s
D. whether Saturn’s is a

kita butuh conjunction dan possessive form ambil opsi C.

192. The abrasively action of the wind wears away softerlayers of rock.

Ubah abrasively (adverb) menjadi abrasive (adjective).

193. There are two way of making a gas condense: cooling it or putting it under pressure.

Ubah way (singular) menjadi ways (plural).

194. Researchers have discovered that the application of bright light can sometimes be uses to overcome jet lag.

Ubah uses (aktif) menjadi used (pasif)

195. Salmon migrations may include having to jump up waterfalls, swim up rapids, or climbing fish ladders at dams.

Ubah climbing menjadi climb up agar struktur paralel.

196. If a strike is called in violation of an existing contract between labor and management, its a wildcat strike.

Ubah its (pronoun possesive) menjadi it is (subjek dan main verb)

197. Snapping turtles are easily recognized because of the large head, the long tail, and the shell that seems insufficiently to protect the body.

Ubah insufficiently menjadi insufficient

198. The long string of genes making up a chromosome have been likened to a string of pearls.

Ubah have (plural) menjadi has (singular)

199. ________ lived on Earth for nearly 150 million years.
A. Dinosaurs
B. Dinosaurs who
C. If dinosaurs
D. Since dinosaurs

Ambil opsi subjek yaitu opsi A.

200. Early printers arranged type into ________ a small, flat composing stick.
A. words
B. are words on
C. words on
D. the words are on

Ambil opsi noun dan preposition pada opsi C.