201. ________ along most of its length into an upper chamber and a lower chamber.
A. The divided cochlea
B. Dividing the cochlea
C. The cochlea is divided
D. With a divided cochlea

Kita membutuhkan subjek dan main verb (pasif present simple). Ambil opsi C. subjek (The cochlea) dan main verb (is divided).

202. Yeast is an organic catalyst ________ known to prehistoric humanity.
A. was
B. which was
C. which it
D. which

Kita membutuhkan conjunction dan main verb, jadi ambil opsi B.

203. Many communities ________ a complex system of linguistic levels in order to show respect.
A. useful
B. use already made
C. making it useful
D. make use of

Kita membutuhkan main verb jadi ambil opsi D. artinya memanfaatkan / menggunakan

204. The ear is a flexible organ,________ simply was not designed to withstand the noise of modem living.
A. but it
B. it
C. but
D. its

Kita membutuhkan conjunction dan subjek agar klausa kiri dan kanan tersambung. Ambil opsi A.

205. In 1934, chemist Wallace Carothers produced a plastic which ________ nylon.
A. his call
B. he called
C. to call him
D. calling

Kita membutuhkan subjek dan main verb setelah conjunction pada kalimat ini, ambil opsi B.

206. As ________ grows, the shell in which it lives grows, too.
A. a mollusk
B. a mollusk it
C. has a mollusk
D. it has a mollusk

Butuh subjek singular, ambil opsi A.

207. The first ________ the Civil War was fired from Fort Johnson upon Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861.
A. shot
B. shot in
C. shot was in
D. it was shot

Butuh noun dan preposition, ambil opsi B.

208. Stalactites are formed in caves by groundwater ________ dissolved lime.
A. it contains
B. containing
C. contains
D. containment

Ambil opsi B. karena kita butuh present participle.

209. By studying the movements of the Sun and Moon, even early astronomers could ________ eclipses would take place.
A. predicting when
B. when it predicts
C. the prediction when
D. predict when

Kita butuh bare infinitive dan conjunction, jadi ambil opsi D.

210. Coffee probably originally grew wild in Ethiopia in the province of Kaffe, and from there ________ to southern Arabia.
A. bringing it
B. it was brought
C. brought it
D. brought with it

Kita butuh subjek dan main verb ambil opsi B.