211. Alabama was occupied by the French and Spanish before ________ to England in 1763.
A. was ceded
B. ceded to it
C. it was ceded
D. ceded it

Butuh subjek dan main verb ambil opsi C.

212. A group of winged reptiles ________ pterosaurs is believed to have been the first vertebrates with the power of flight.
A. call
B. calls
C. called
D. is called

Butuh extra verb (past participle) called = yang disebut ambil C.

213. On November 23, 1863, Grant stunned the Confederates on Missionary Ridge with what ________ to be a full-dress military parade of troops who unexpectedly opened fire.
A. appeared
B. appearing
C. appearance
D. apparent

Butuh main verb V2 (ambil opsi A).

214. Vast flows of information is carried on hair-thin fiber optic cables.

Ubah is menjadi are karena subjeknya flows

215. The crafting of fine violins has been proceeding for several century as a secret art.

Ubah century menjadi centuries karena several jamak

216. Linguistic conflicts due to divided ethnic and national loyalties they can be bitter and violent.

pronoun subject they tidak dibutuhkan dan sebaiknya diomit karena sudah ada real subject (conflicts).

217. In 1851, with the publication of her antislavery novel, Harriet Beecher Stowe rocketed to famous.

Ubah famous (adjective) menjadi fame (noun)

218. The smallest and simple living organisms on Earth are bacteria.

Ubah simple menjadi superlative (simplest) agar paralel

219. The effort to determine the exact numerical value of pi has now reach 2.16 billion decimal digits.

Ubah reach menjadi reached

220. The hammerhead shark is usual found in warm, temperate waters.

Ubah usual menjadi usually