221. Princeton University, was founded in 1746, is one of the oldest universities in the United States.

Buang was karena tidak butuh main verb pada klausa apositif.

222. According to a World Resources Institute report, a significant part of forest acreage disappear each year.

disappear mestinya disappears

223. The Earth’s crust is composed of fifteen plates which float on the partially molten layer below they.

they mestinya them

224. As one climbs high up a mountain, the air becomes both colder or thinner.

or mestinya and

225. When a bone is broke into several pieces, doctors may pin the pieces together for proper healing

broke mestinya broken

226. The long necks of much plant-eating dinosaurs were useful for reaching up to the treetops to feed.

much mestinya many

227. Hippocrates believed that health depended on the balanced of the four fluids of the body: blood, phlegm, bile, and black bile.

balanced mestinya balance

228. A jet stream is a flat and narrow tube of air that moves more rapid than the surrounding air.

rapid mestinya rapidly

229. Because mistletoe berries are poisonous, everyone with Christmas decorations containing mistletoe need to be aware of the potential danger.

need mestinya needs, karena subjeknya everyone

230. When Pierre L’Enfant designed the national capital in 1791, her envisioned a broad boulevard linking the White House and the Capitol.

her mestinya he