231. In a copperhead snake, the venom flows from a single venom glands to a pair of hollow teeth.

ubah glands menjadi gland. karena ada artikel a

232. A hawk swallows its food in large pieces, digests some of it, and regurgitating the rest.

ubah regurgitating menjadi regurgitates agar paralel

233. Defects occur when liquid helium undergoing a phase transition from its normal to its superfluid phase.

ubah undergoing menjadi undergoes / is undergoing

234. The earliest known artworks were done by cavemen which used a mixture of clay, chalk, and burned wood and bones.

ubah done menjadi made

235. Variations in melody, rhythm, and tone of voice becomes a major feature of child speech toward the end of the first year.

ubah becomes menjadi become, karena subjek jamak (variations)

236. As a protective protein molecule, an antibody can combines with a foreign virus protein.

ubah combines menjadi be combined / combine

237. The water moccasin is a high venomous and extremely dangerous pit viper.

ubah high menjadi highly

238. Though aluminum is more common than iron, it is extremely difficult to break their hold on other atoms.

ubah their menjadi its