259. Air blowing over a fairly warm sea _____ with moisture.
a. the quick saturation
b. quickly becomes saturated
c. it becomes saturated quickly
d. to saturate it quickly

butuh main verb tunggal untuk subjek uncountable (air), maka ambil opsi B, yang mengandung becomes.
opsi C. juga mengandung becomes tapi tak bisa diambil karena ada it yang tak diperlukan.

260. A church built in the Gothic style _____ pointed arches.
a. often has
b. often having
c. to have often
d. it often has

butuh main verb tunggal, jadi ambil (has) pada opsi A.

261. The rings _____ are made of billions of chunks of ice.
a. they circle Saturn
b. are circling Saturn
c. circle Saturn
d. circling Saturn

262. The largest volcano _____ in the solar system is Olympus Mons, on Mars.
a. found
b. it is found
c. is found
d. finds

263. _____ is the scientific definition of work.
a. A force moves an object
b. For the moving force of an object
c. A force moving an object
d. A force is moving an object

264. _____ as money were certain kinds of cowries.
a. The shells were most widely used
b. Because of the wide use of shells
c. The shells most widely used
d. They used shells widely

265. A primitive, undersea animal resembling a garden cucumber _____.
a. a sea cucumber is called
b. is called a sea cucumber
c. to call a sea cucumber
d. calling a sea cucumber

266. Sails made of cloth tied onto timber supports _____ power early windmills.
a. were used to
b. the use of
c. using
d. they used

267. A single _____ through a magnetic field flies in a spiral path.
a. moves an electron
b. electron is moving
c. electron moving
d. electron moves

268. Immunity _____ from disease or from vaccination is called active immunity.
a. is acquired
b. acquired
c. it is acquired
d. acquires

269. The bony sword _____ the upper jaw of a swordfish makes up about one-third of its length.
a. extending from
b. it extends from
c. extends from
d. is extending from

270. _____ to the U.S. Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Conner, in 1981.
a. The woman had been appointed first
b. For the appointment of the first woman
c. The first woman appointed
d. The first woman was appointed

271. Energy coming from the hot, molten rock inside the earth _____.
a. geothermal energy
b. the energy is geothermal
c. to be geothermal energy
d. is geothermal energy

272. The Mariana Trench, located within the Pacific Ocean, _____ on Earth.
a. on the lowest point
b. is the lowest point
c. to lower the point
d. the point is lowest

273. _____ from the sleep disorder narcolepsy is seized with sudden and irresistible attacks of sleep.
a. For a person to suffer
b. A person suffers
c. A person is suffering
d. A person suffering

274. The white grains _____ tapioca pudding come from the roots of the cassava.
a. are used in
b. their use in
c. used in
d. they are used in

275. A typical mountain _____ in the tropical regions has four to five different weather zones.
a. is rising up
b. it rises up
c. rises up
d. rising up

276. The 880 to 1,000 _____ in Africa today can be grouped into four families with common origins.
a. languages are spoken
b. speak the languages
c. they speak the languages
d. languages spoken

277. Rain, wind, and streams working through old limestone _____ in Utah’s Bryce Canyon.
a. produced the rock spires
b. producing the rock spires
c. the production of rock spires
d. rock spires were produced

278. A boy’s suit supplemented with an extra pair of pants and a cap _____ from the Montgomery Ward catalog for $2.25 in 1895.
a. the purchase was available
b. available for purchase
c. was available for purchase
d. the available purchase