299. Fossils demonstrate _____ from land-dwelling arthropods.
a. insects developed
b. how insects developed
c. how the development of insects
d. the development of insects

300. A course syllabus _____ what is expected in a course.
a. with clear delineation
b. to delineate clearly
c. should clearly delineate
d. clearly delineating

301. In the eighteenth century, _____ that the paths of cannonballs were parabolas.
a. the proof of Galileo
b. proven by Galileo
c. Galileo who proved
d. Galileo proved

302. Artificial diamonds are _____ results from the application of great heat and pressure to carbon.
a. what
b. it
c. what it
d. what is

303. Due to a lack of color vision, dogs cannot tell if _____ vibrantly colored or gray.
a. is something
b. something
c. is
d. something is

304. The speedometer of an automobile _____ what the rpm of the driveshaft is.
a. measuring
b. it measures
c. which measures
d. measures

305. The prosecutor and defense together _____ who will serve on a jury.
a. deciding
b. the decision
c. decide
d. they decide

306. No one knows exactly when the game of backgammon _____.
a. the first to play
b. was first played
c. it was first played
d. which was first played

307. Volcanic eruptions vary according to _____ of various types of magma is produced.
a. them
b. it
c. which
d. him

308. Bobolinks take great care to hide _____ are built.
a. where their nests
b. their nests
c. where are their nests
d. in their nests

309. The thick atmosphere of Venus _____ what holds heat in and creates such high temperatures.
a. it is
b. is
c. which is
d. is it

310. _____ of sound depends on whether air molecules are vibrating slowly or quickly.
a. It has a volume
b. Above the volume
c. The volume
d. The volume is

311. A buildup of certain gases in the atmosphere explains why _____ increasing.
a. the earth’s temperature is
b. the earth’s temperature
c. is the earth’s temperature
d. if the earth’s temperature is

312. _____ a large role in determining which of the space shuttle’s landing areas will be used for a given flight.
a. The play of weather
b. Weather playing
c. Weather plays
d. For weather to play

313. Earthworms determine _____ is dry enough before they venture out of the soil.
a. the ground
b. if the ground
c. under the ground
d. if the ground feels

314. Archeological sites in the Kobuk Valley in Alaska indicate that humans _____ there for over 10,000 years.
a. have lived
b. living
c. the life
d. they have lived

315. The specific heat of an element _____ to what is needed to change the temperature of a unit of the element by one degree.
a. in reference
b. refers
c. referring
d. it refers

316. Mandrake and poppy extracts _____ the Romans used for pain relief following surgery.
a. were
b. what
c. were what
d. were what did

317. Mercury’s virtual lack of atmosphere explains why such a large variation in temperature between day and night _____.
a. occurring
b. it occurs
c. which occurs
d. occurs

318. Alfred Nobel’s 1896 _____ precisely who would serve as judges for the awarding of Nobel Prizes.
a. the outline
b. outlined
c. outlining the will
d. will outlined