359. Cats hunt not only by night but also daily.

ubah daily jadi by day

360. Adobe is used throughout the Southwest to make ovens and bricked.

ubah bricked jadi bricks

361. Both circular or longitudinal muscles occur in the walls of the throat.

ubah or jadi and

362. A sixteenth-century navigator used an astrolabe to calculate a ship’s distance to the north or southern of the equator.

ubah southern jadi the south

363. A fir tree requires neither warm weather or lengthy hours of sunlight to survive.

ubah or jadi nor

364. The skin protects the human body from infectious, injury, and harmful sunlight.

ubah infectious jadi infection

365. A light-year is a measurement of both time and distant.

ubah distant jadi distance

366. The first tanks were powered by largely but inefficient internal combustion engines.

ubah largely jadi large

367. Watercress is a water plant whose shoots either take root in mud or to trail in water.

ubah to trail jadi trail

368. St. Bernards are prized for their keen noses, sure-footed, and unerring sense of smell.

ubah jadi sure-footedness

369. Many of the great mountain ranges of the world are neither dead nor die.

ubah jadi dying

370. The aardvark has a peculiar appearance because of its large bodilypointy snout, large ears, and strong legs.

ubah bodily jadi body

371. Tigers differ from lions neither in the color of their coats but also in their lack of manes.

ubah neither jadi not only

372. In ancient times, the Milky Way was seen as a road, river, or bridged along which the spirits of the dead departed the Earth.

ubah bridged jadi bridge

373. Seaweed not only helps to oxygenate water and keep it pure but also providing food for small fish.

ubah providing jadi provides

374. Bronzes with ten percent or more tin are harder, more strongly, and more resistant to corrosion than brass.

ubah more strongly jadi stronger

375. The grizzly bear is set apart from other bears not only by its light-colored, shaggy coat but also it has a high shoulder hump.

ubah it has a jadi by its

376. A plant that stops growing and looks dead in the fall but to come back year after year is a perennial.

ubah to come jadi coming

377. Many parts of Alaska are neither completely barren nor perpetual cold.

ubah perpetual jadi perpetually

378. At one time, the Sahara Desert had the climate of a moist temperature or subtropical region.

ubah temperature jadi temperate