399. The human jawbone hinges on each sides of the skull at ear level.

ubah sides jadi side

400. In the Bighorn Mountains, a range in the Rocky Mountains, there are much mountain lakes and waterfalls.

ubah much jadi many

401. Like other rodents, squirrels have four large incisor tooth for gnawing.

ubah tooth jadi teeth

402. The hot air inside a balloon has fewer density than the colder air that surrounds it.

ubah fewer jadi less

403. A single mature tobacco plants can potentially yield a million seeds.

ubah plants jadi plant

404. The U.S. Coast Guard began in 1790, when Congress authorized a group of a little boats, only about ten, to guard the nation’s coast.

ubah a little jadi a few

405. Refrigerators and boilers are both machine that work by transferring heat from one place to another.

ubah machine jadi machines

406. A large amount of people, more than 12 million, came into the United States through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924.

ubah amount jadi number

407. As a wheel rolls along, every parts along the wheel’s rim will touch the ground and then rise up.

ubah parts jadi part

408. In 1888, Benjamin Harrison received less popular votes than Grover Cleveland but was elected president anyway.

ubah less jadi fewer

409. In the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci drew several rough sketch of a contraption that looked like a bicycle.

ubah sketch jadi sketches

410. Many bronze alloys contain a small number of material other than copper and tin.

ubah number jadi amount

411. North America has an areas of 9,400,000 square miles, approximately 3,000,000 square miles more than South America.

ubah areas jadi area

412. When the melting point for a substance has been reachedits molecules gain too many energy to stay in one place.

ubah many jadi much

413. In 1930, the International Astronomical Union established a standard set of 88 constellation.

ubah constellation jadi constellations

414. Sound travels well through the desert because there is few vegetation to absorb sound waves.

ubah few jadi little

415, At various time during the Pleistocene age, broad belts of land connected Eurasia and North America.

ubah time jadi times

416. Until only a few hundred years agomuch people still believed that the earth was flat.

ubah much jadi many

417. A muscle fiber, which is thinner than a hair, can be up to one feet long in a large human muscle.

ubah feet jadi foot

418. Great amounts of cells of many kinds form the bodies of such creatures as insects and mammals.

ubah amounts jadi numbers