419. Penguins cannot fly, but it can swim very well.

Ubah it jadi they

420. When light rays pass through a lens, them are bent, or refracted.

ubah them jadi they

421. Carpenter bees tunnel into wood in order to build theirs nests.

ubah theirs jadi their

422. A plant creates his own food from air, sunlight, and water.

ubah his jadi its

423. When a bighorn sheep ewe is about to give birth, her leaves the band for a secluded ledge.

ubah her jadi she

424. Albert Einstein did not begin speaking until it was six years old.

ubah it jadi he

425. The total number of protons in an element is called it’s atomic number.

ubah it’s jadi its

426. When explorer John Cabot returned to England with the news that he had reached the New World, the king rewarded he with an extra ten pounds.

ubah he jadi him

427. Cartilage has no blood supply and unlike bone, does not repair themselves when damaged.

ubah themselves jadi them

428. Each of yours fingers has its own tendons attached to the finger-pulling muscles in your forearm.

ubah yours jadi your

429. A number of pre-Columbian skulls with holes bored in they have been found by archaeologists.

ubah they jadi them

430. In 1500, the potato grew in the Andes Mountains of South America, and the only people who ate them were the Incas.

ubah them jadi it

431. Some antibodies can cause harm if their taken over a long period of time.

ubah their jadi they are

432. Abraham Lincoln did not grow his familiar beard until after him was elected president.

ubah him jadi he

433 When you look into a mirror, it seems as if one is standing behind the glass looking out.

ubah one is jadi you are

434. Typhoid Mary was a carrier of typhoid, and 52 cases of this disease were directly attributable to she.

ubah she jadi her

435. Countess Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron, has been recognized for hers work assisting Babbage in the development of his analytical engine.

ubah hers jadi her

436. The queen termite spends his entire life in a chamber in the most secure part of the nest.

ubah his jadi her

437. If the alveoli in human lungs were spread out flat, them would cover a surface as large as a tennis court.

ubah them jadi they

438. The names of many of the immigrants who came through Ellis Island are inscribed on one of their walls.

ubah their jadi its