483. Anything placed under an electron microscope are increased to a high magnification.

ubah are jadi is

484. _____ in the Earth’s crust between two plates is called a fault.
a. A crack is
b. A crack
c. In a crack
d. In a crack is

485. The Caldecott Medal has being awarded since 1938 to the illustrator of the best picture book for children.

ubah being jadi been

486. The oceans on the side of the Earth nearest to the Moon is pulled outward by the force of the Moon’s gravity.

ubah is jadi are

487. The Electoral College rather than the popular vote _____ who will occupy the office of the U.S. president.
a. determines
b. determination
c. determining
d. to determine

488. Thomas Alva Edison patented 1,093 inventions over their lifetime.

ubah their jadi his

489. Red blood cells live for about 120 days, bone cells live for 25 to 30 years, and brain cells _____ a lifetime.
a. living for
b. to live for
c. they live for
d. live for

490. There are about 850 actively volcanoes in the world, some of which have erupted numerous times.

ubah actively jadi active

491. Some of the heat of the sun are radiated off the Earth and back into the atmosphere.

ubah are jadi is

492. _____ by drops of water which break up sunlight into its different colors.
a. Rainbows are caused
b. The cause of rainbows
c. Causing rainbows
d. For rainbows to cause

493. During the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, a vast number of music was composed and published for the lute.

ubah number jadi amount

494. When you speak, sound vibrations from your larynx travel not only through the air or through the bones and body fluids in your neck and head.

ubah or jadi but also

495. As air _____, it expands and becomes lighter than the surrounding cooler air.
a. the heat
b. the heat is up
c. it heats up up
d. heats up

496. A duck’s webbed feet evolved so that the duck would been able to paddle in water.

ubah been jadi be

497. Although them are sometimes considered part of the Appalachian chain, the Adirondack Mountains belong to the Laurentian Plateau.

ubah them jadi they

498. _____ to open up the American West were specially designed for traveling across open country.
a. The locomotives are used
b. For the locomotives using
c. The locomotives used
d. With the use of locomotives

499. The process of absentee voting allows people unable to appear at theirs designated polling places to vote from other locations.

ubah theirs jadi they

500. Early diving bells relied on the air which _____ at the time of submersion.
a. to contain them
b. they contained
c. their containers
d. containing them

501. The accordion first became popularly in early nineteenth-century Germany and Austria.

ubah popularly jadi popular

502. The areas of the world that are too dry to have green plants but not dryness enough to be deserts are called grasslands.

ubah dryness jadi dry

503. A monument in Adamsville, Rhode Island, commemorates _____ Rhode Island Red breed of chicken originated.
a. the
b. in the
c. where the
d. where is the

504. A normal blood count is one white cells to more than 600 red cells.

ubah cells jadi cell

505. Like trains and cars, bicycles use either wheels and bearings to reduce friction.

ubah either jadi both

506. Little League baseball _____ in 1939 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with 30 boys playing on three teams.
a. in the beginning
b. begun
c. to begin
d. began

507. Since the early 1900s, steam turbines have replacing most steam engines in large electric-power plants.

ubah replacing jadi replaced

508. _____ as the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth.
a. A solar eclipse occurs
b. A solar eclipse occurring
c. The occurrence of a solar eclipse
d. For a solar eclipse to occur