526. Mark Twain was a licensed riverboat pilot, and him spent two and a half years working at this trade.

ubah him jadi he

527. The cerebrum _____ what is thought, said, or seen.
a. the control
b. to control
c. controls
d. with control

528. The formation of the first alloys, bronze and brass, was accidentally.

ubah accidentally jadi accidental

529. Each step in an escalator are carried by four wheels on a concealed track.

ubah are carried jadi is carried

530. Animals _____ long range vision, such as bears, often have a keen sense of smell.
a. lacking
b. they lack
c. are lacking
d. lack

531. A pendulum can regulates the speed of a clock by swinging from side to side at a fixed rate.

ubah regulates jadi regulate

532. The political party opposed to Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans during the Civil War _____ Copperheads, or Peace Democrats.
a. it was called the
b. the call of the
c. to call the
d. was called the

533. Tumbleweed breaks off at the ground, blowing in the wind, and scatters seeds as it tumbles.

ubah blowing jadi blows

534. Much different flags were used by American forces during the Revolutionary War.

ubah much jadi many

535. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, _____ winter solstice is the shortest.
a. the
b. and the
c. on the
d. to the

536. Oats, wheat, corn, and rice are the grains most common used in breakfast cereals.

ubah common jadi commonly

537. William Howard Taft, who was the 27th president of the United States, _____ as the chief justice of the Supreme Court.
a. later served
b. he later served
c. who later served
d. later serving

538. Balloon observation of enemy lines were first employed during the American Civil War.

ubah were jadi was

539. Throughout his tenure in office, President Andrew Jackson suffered from a bullet wound received in a duel defending her wife’s honor.

ubah her jadi his

540. Amines are organic bases of which _____.
a. nylon derivatives
b. derivatives of nylon
c. the derivative nylon
d. nylon is a derivative

541. When he is burned, arsenic emits a vapor that smells like garlic.

ubah he jadi it

542. Intense heat can _____ limestone into marble.
a. the change
b. to change
c. change
d. changeable

543. In the United States, people had considering tomatoes poisonous until the nineteenth century.

ubah considering jadi considered

544. The cells in the nails and hair, like the cells at the skin’s surface, is dead.

ubah is jadi are

545. _____ can live well only in dry regions, but cattails must grow in wet places.
a. The cactus is a plant
b. Cactus they
c. Cactus plants
d. On the cactus plants

546. Using an electron microscope, a scientist can see cells and the organelles inside they in amazing detail.

ubah they jadi them

547. The magnitude of _____ on a seismograph.
a. to register an earthquake
b. the registration of an earthquake
c. an earthquake is registered
d. registering an earthquake

548. The Atlantic coastline of the United States has been sank at the rate of four inches every hundred years.

ubah sank jadi sinking

549. Only a few sea creatures, such as the octopus, care for theirs eggs.

ubah theirs jadi their

550. When the arms of a spinning ice skater are pulled toward the body, the speed of the spin _____.
a. the increase
b. increases
c. to increase
d. increasing

551. Despite its dryness, the North American desert supports various type of plant life.

ubah type jadi types

552. Many natural dyes that craftspeople use to color fabrics _____.
a. come from plants
b. plants come
c. coming from plants
d. from plants