553. When it is drilled into a piece of wood, a screw must rotates several times in order to move forward a short distance.

ubah rotates jadi rotate

554. All of the various types of tuna, including bluefin, is migratory and travel in large schools.

ubah is jadi are

555. Substances _____ by the glands of mollusks compose their shells.
a. secret
b. secreted
c. are secreted
d. they are secreted

556. The size and shape of snowflakes depends mainly on not only the temperature and also the amount of water vapor as the snowflakes develop.

ubah and jadi but

557. In 1922, the tomb of King Tutankhamen, who _____ more than 3,000 years ago, was discovered in Egypt.
a. lived
b. he lived
c. living
d. the life of

558. Even when you sleep, your body uses energy to keep you warm and making your heart beat.

ubah making jadi makes

559. Winds in a tornado can become even more violently than those in a hurricane.

ubah violently jadi violent

560. The Mohs scale _____ to indicate which of the varying degrees of hardness is exhibited by a certain stone.
a. useful
b. using
c. the use
d. is used

561. A little animals, such as the chameleon and the sea gull, have two eyes that can look in different directions at the same time.

ubah a little jadi few

562. The discovery of DNA in 1953 explained how _____ from parent to child.
a. passing certain traits
b. certain traits pass
c. the passing of certain traits
d. certain traits passing

563. Each human have only one-sixth as many muscles as a caterpillar, which has more than 4,000.

ubah have jadi has

564. The pitcher plant digests its prey very slow over a long period of time.

ubah slow jadi slowly

565. A small metal diaphragm _____ a little chamber of carbon granules makes up a telephone transmitter.
a. covers
b. covering
c. it is covering
d. is covering

566. In ancient times, spices were often used in foods to preserve they.

ubah they jadi them

567. The catamaran is a type of sailboat with two parallel hull.

ubah hull jadi hulls

568. Pneumatic _____ with compressed air instead of a fluid.
a. machines work
b. the work of machines
c. working machines
d. mechanical work

569. The color red has the longest wavelengths that yours eyes can see.

ubah yours jadi your

570. _____ to believe that the albatross had the power to bring bad luck.
a. Sailors
b. Sailors used
c. Sailors who used
d. For sailors

571. _____ collide off-center, they rebound at an angle.
a. If two billiard balls
b. Two are billiard balls
c. Two billiard balls
d. Two of the balls

572. More than 8,000 ships have sank off the east coast of the Americas.

ubah sank jadi sunk

573. The gas argon, which constitutes 1.3 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere by weight, is both colorless or odorless.

ubah or jadi and

574. The word ‘igloo’ refers to houses,which ____ from earth, wood, or snow.
a. Eskimo builders
b. Eskimo buildings
c. Eskimos build
d. Eskimos to build

575. The Earth is spin on its own axis at a speed of 1,000 miles an hour at the equator.

ubah spin jadi spinning