576. Plants absorb energy from the sun and convert absorbed energy to chemically energy for storage.

ubah chemically jadi chemical

577. _____ have an extremely realistic tone, but others represent a world of fantasy.
a. Some of Washington Irving’s tales
b. Washington Irving wrote some tales
c. Washington Irving’s tales are some
d. In some of Washington Irving’s tales

578. Some of the most commonly used natural fibers for thread making is cotton, silk, flax, and wool.

ubah is jadi are

579. _____, which takes place the first Monday in September, honors the workers of the United States.
a. Labor Day
b. Labor Day is a day
c. The day is Labor Day
d. On Labor Day

580. Birds with teeth were prevalently from about 150 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

ubah prevalently jadi prevalent

581. Icebergs are broken off from ice sheets or glacial, so they are composed of fresh water rather than salt water.

ubah glacial jadi glaciers

582. _____ of gold in the Klondike in 1896 led to a disagreement between the United States and Canada over the boundary between Alaska and Canada.
a. It was discovered
b. The discovery was
c. In a discovery
d. The discovery

583. Anthracite has a glossy surface with few of the layering seen in other coal.

ubah few jadi little

584. _____ in the United States came to New York City from Cuba in 1804.
a. The bananas were first sold
b. The first bananas sold
c. They sold the first bananas
d. For the first bananas sold

585. One of George Washington’s many pairs of false teeth were made of lead.

ubah were jadi was

586. The northern polar cap is shrink little by little each year.

ubah shrink jadi shrinking

587. _____ connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.
a. In the Achilles tendon
b. The Achilles tendon is
c. The Achilles tendon
d. The Achilles tendon on

588. A squid propels themselves through water using jet propulsion.

ubah themselves jadi itself

589. The gravity is so intense in a black hole that no light can to escape.

ubah to escape jadi escape

590. _____ in the nucleus of an atom has a positive electric charge.
a. Each proton
b. Each proton is
c. For each proton
d. Each is a proton

591. The bow and arrow have been in continuous use since them were first developed in the Paleolithic era.

ubah them jadi they

592. Although 30,000 types of plants are edible, 90 percent of the world’s food _____ from only 20 species.
a. comes
b. it comes
c. coming
d. to come

593. When light passes from one transparent material into another, it’s speed changes.

ubah it’s jadi its

594. About 12 teaspoons of sugar are found in the root of every sugar beets.

ubah sugar beets jadi sugar beet

595. Canadians _____ from the captured French colony of Acadia settled in Louisiana.
a. driven by the British
b. the British drove them
c. were driven by the British
d. drove the British

596. The cabochon method of gem cutting was used for all types of gems until the fourteenth century, when faceted cutting became popularly.

ubah popularly jadi popular

597. On January 28, 1887, giant snowflakes _____ 15 inches across fell in Montana.
a. measured
b. they measured
c. that measured
d. that the measurement

598. By the 1860s, physiologists had discover that the red cells in blood are packed with a protein called hemoglobin.

ubah discover jadi discovered

599. Arid soil has few plant life to hold the soil in place.

ubah few jadi little

600. _____ much of the head and body of a gorilla are long and thick.
a. The hairs covering
b. The hairs cover
c. Cover the hairs
d. The hairs are covering