Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is a growing idea in society that universities should take gender into account in the admission of new students and it is recommended that the number of male and female students be equal in each department. In my opinion, this is an exaggerated and unrealistic plan.

When prospective students apply, of course, we cannot determine who will apply to which university. Moreover, it is impossible to know which major to take. Thus, the percentage of male and female students who take a particular department is very much determined by the scientific trend which will continue to change every year. It could be a dominant department by men, for example majoring in geology, mining, and petroleum. Conversely, certain majors such as chemistry, or dentistry, and communications may be more attractive to women. This is something that happens naturally from year to year.

In addition, a change in trend is a possibility. Previously, the field of data management was not very popular with women, but along with the advancement of technology and the increasing importance of data management, many women chose to pursue this department. Likewise, the world of cooking may be imagined by the layman as a woman’s job. In fact, with the rise of cooking reality shows on television, more and more men want to pursue a career as a chef and choose to major in culinary arts at the university. Again, this happens naturally based on the existing trends in the society.

In conclusion, I do not agree if the university regulates the admission of new students with equal number of students’ gender criteria. In my opinion, the criteria for intelligence and academic scores are the only conditions that can be used to filter new student candidates, while gender matters are not relevant to career choices. Everyone has the right to freely choose the major they want and they should not get gender-based discrimination just because the quota for their gender has been met.