1. America’s first globe maker was James Wilson, who _____ and blacksmith in his earlier life.
A. a farmer had been
B. had been a farmer
C. farming
D. being a farmer

2. Napoleon _____ the West Indian island of Santo Domingo in 1801.
A. attacked
B. is attacking
C. has attacked
D. attacking

3. Modern industrial methods have supplanted individual crafts, _____ stonecarvers, coopers, and cobblers virtually extinct.
A. make blacksmiths,
B. made blacksmiths,
C. making them blacksmiths,
D. making blacksmiths,

4. Not only knowledge and skills, but also attitudes _____ in school for students’ future adjustment to society.
A. when cultivated
B. cultivated
C. which need to be cultivated
D. need to be cultivated

5. On Mercator’s maps, the far northern and southern polar regions are _____.
A. greatly exaggerated in area
B. exaggerating greatly in area
C. greatly exaggerate in area
D. great exaggeration in area

6. On the slope of Long’s Peak in Colorado _____ the ruin of a gigantic tree.
A. that lies
B. lies
C. where lies
D. lie

7. _____ in Shanghai than in any other city in China.
A. More people live
B. More people living
C. It has more people
D. More living people

8. The earth spins on its axis and ____ 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.09 seconds for one complete rotation.
A. need
B. needed
C. needing
D. needs

9. _____ on the environment for the gratification of its needs.
A. Each organism to depend
B. Every organism depends
C. All organisms depending
D. Many organisms can depend

10. Of Charles Dickens’ many novels, Great Expectations is perhaps _____ to many readers.
A. the most satisfying one
B. most satisfying one
C. more than satisfying one
D. the more satisfying than

11. _____, the nation’s capital remained in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A. While designing Washington, D.C.
B. Washington, D.C., was designed
C. While Washington, D.,C., was being designed
D. Washington, D.C., designed

12. Children learn primarily by _____ the world around them.
A. experiencing directly of
B. experience direct
C. directly physical experience
D. direct physical experience of

13. It is earth’s gravity that _____ people their weight.
A. gives
B. give
C. giving
D. given

14. Generally speaking, people should have _____ as their desires will allow.
A. much education
B. as much education
C. education
D. for education

15. A dolphin six _____ length can move as fast as most ships.
A. foot in
B. feet in
C. foot of
D. feet of

16. Cotton used to rank first between Alabama’s crops, but it represents only a fraction of the agricultural production now.

17. Salmon lay their eggs and die in freshwater, although they live in salt water when most of their adult lives.

18. To building their nests, tailorbirds use their bills as needles.

19. Fountain pens first became commercial available about a hundred years ago.

20. With its strong claws and its many protruding tooth, a gopher is an excellent digger.

21. Drug addiction has resulted of many destroyed careers and expulsions from school or college.

22. Because of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the United States begin to realize the true value of the Louisiana territory.

23. Americans annually import more than $3 billion worthy of Italian clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

24. Akuce Ganuktibm, she spent her life working with the health and welfare of the families of workers.

25. There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with those of another.

26. Male guppies, like many other male fish, are more color than females.

27. When rhinos take mud baths, the mud create a barrier to biting insects.

28. Benjamin Franklin, as an inventor, he had broad interests, mechanical skills, persistence, and a practical view of life.

29. In the stock market, the fluctuations in Standard and Poor’s 500 Index does not always conform to Dow Jones Averages.

30. A jellyfish, which isn’t really a fish, it has no brain, no bones, and no face.

31. International trade, going traveling, and television have lain the groundwork for modern global life styles.

32. The most visible remind of the close relationship between the United States and France is the famous Statue of Liberty, which stands in New York harbor.

33. Until diamonds are cut and polished, they just like look small blue-grey stones.

34. Jackie Robinson, whose joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, was the first black American to play baseball in the major leagues.

35. Laser technology is the heart of a new generation of high-speed copiers and printer.

36. Fertilize farmland is one of the biggest natural resources in the Central States.

37. The symptoms of diabetes in the early stages are too slight that people don’t notice them.

38. Gone With the Wind written after Margaret Mitchell quit her job as a reporter because of an ankle injury.

39. With a policy of eminent domain, the state has control ultimate of all real property.

40. Hay fever symptoms, ranged from mild to severe, differ in degree according to the individual.