1. Around four million years ago, a large cloud of dust enveloped the area in space _____ the current solar system is positioned.
A. there
B. wherever
C. where
D. whereby

2. According to the report, livestock feed in Canada _____ approximately 80% of the annual unexported corn and soybean harvests.
A. is included
B. includes
C. it include
D. including

3. Winter wildlife animals _____ the red fox and snowshoe hare have adopted strategies to help them endure winter weather.
A. in that
B. alike
C. as if
D. like

4. _____ sound health practices and good social relationships has a beneficial effect on longevity.
A. Maintenance
B. If we maintain
C. Maintaining
D. As to maintenance

5. Regular exercise boosts cardiovascular health _____ the risk of breast and colon cancer.
A. it lowers
B. while lowering
C. what lowers
D. because of lowering

6. Cosmetic products are part and parcel of skincare specifically for women; _____, men are also purchasing some of the products to give their skin a healthy glow.
A. nonetheless
B. consequently
C. whereas
D. therefore

7. The world’s oil reserves, _____ by modern nations, are dwindling at a fast rate.
A. utilization of the major energy source
B. to utilize the major source of energy
C. the major source of energy utilized
D. utilization as a major source of energy

8. Goats _____ as an effective bio-control agent to keep down the growth of weed without using herbicides.
A. whose use
B. their being used
C. are used
D. used

9. _____, papyrus was the chief writing material in ancient time.
A. First used about 3000 years ago
B. Using it as early as 3000 B.C.
C. That the use of it 3000 years ago
D. Its first use was around 3000 B.C

10. Through group discussion, students can explore a subject by sharing ideas and _____ satisfaction through the excitement of interaction and achievement.
A. derive
B. deriving
C. is derived
D. in deriving